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    Corruption/purified mechanic at Norushen

    I'm confused.

    I thought the Purified buff you got from orb world stayed on until you soaked a blue orb.

    But the buff you get, spellID 146022, lasts for 5 seconds only and the describtion says "The process of Purification grants the caster immunity to all damage for a short time.".

    This is from looking at logs at warcraftlogs.

    What am I missing - is the true benefit from orb world getting adds to do unreduced DPS on?

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    Once you're purified, you're immune to damage for a few seconds as you shift back into the other world. That's to prevent you from coming up inside the beam and instantly getting cut in half.

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    is the actual buff that adds healing for you. You get both when you come out of the other phase, the dmg immunity disappears shortly after.

    On your logs its down a bit further

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    Aha! Thanks alot guys.

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