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    6.0 What CC to Remove?

    As many players have mentioned this expansion, cc needs to be cut dramatically. What CC would you take out? Here is my initial list.

    -Rework level 45 and 75 talent tiers

    -Remove all pet specific cc (ie. Wyvern Sting)

    -Level 45 talents, rework the tier

    -Interrupt no longer blanket silences

    -Blinding Light is now a talent and replaces Evil is a point of View 1min cd

    -Psychic Scream is now a talent and replaces Dominate Mind
    -Remove Chastise

    -Remove Paralitic Poison

    -Remove Capacitor Totem


    -Howl of Terror is once again a talent
    -Remove Blood Horror

    -Remove Disrupting Shout
    -Mass Spell Reflect replaces Spell Reflect

    Just a few ideas on how to cut cc. Keep in mind remanding cc can have it's duration or cool down adjusted.
    **Disclaimer** This List is Incomplete.

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    -Remove Capacitor Totem
    I really, really think that shamans should keep capacitator totem.

    -Psychic Scream is now a talent and replaces Dominate Mind
    Make PS shadow only. They need void tendrils in tier 1 since they suck against melee.

    -Howl of Terror is once again a talent
    -Remove Blood Horror
    class I play. Remove shitwara knockback and auto mesmerize. give demonic breath baseline with 70% snare and remove gateway (not cc, but a tradeoff). make UA actually dr with silence. remove meta knockback/interrupt and feldudes stun

    additional, remove locks and mages blanket silence
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    Shamans do not have as much CC as other classes, and most of what they DO have can be avoided. (Totems can be easily killed, Hex is a long CD, ect).

    One of the things that need to be considered when removing CC is how CC is applied in raids, and the other abilities that a spec has, as well as its strength. Holy, for instance, has a huge repitiore of cast time spells, and have very few good instant-casts spells, unlike Disc. Thus, Chastise is useful for gettin off a single greater heal if being trained by melee.

    I would increase the CD of the ranged 30 sec CD 5-6 sec stuns to 45 seconds, or give them a .5 second cast time.
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    All hard cc like poly,hex,cyclone etc should have at least a 30 second cd. Spammable cc is horse s**t and needs to go away.
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    I think they should take a pvp feature from SWToR. There you have a cc bar of sorts, basically if you get cc-d enough the bar fills out and you'll be immune for a time. Bring back spammable dispell to counteract the absurd amount of cc(honestly I don't get it why they didn't bring it back like early/mid mop, when it was clear cc was ridiculous).
    Trinket should make you immune to cc for 5-10 second, at the moment, doesn't matter what you trinket, most likely you'll have some other cc on you the moment you trinket.

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    how to make cc perfect - 4 types of cc

    -Dispelling is completely removed.

    1) loss of control (polymorph)
    2) loss of movement (entangling roots)
    3) Silence (silencing shots
    4) Lock out (Pummel

    only 1 and 2 have dr, and they dr with all efects of that type of cc (polymorph drs fear)

    no dr = 100% duration 1 dr= half duration 3rd dr = 1/4th duration but no less than 2 seconds. all cc is broken on damage or support (right clicking a cced target would greatly reduce the cc

    Roots would work the same way but

    Silences are more common and stop magical abilities it has no dr and is only used as a blanket effect no more than 4 seconds

    Intererupts and silences are very different, they do not lock you out from the school of tree that was interrupted rather lockout the ability that was interrupted for 10 seconds.

    90% of instant cc is removed and is replaced by casted cc and/or area of effect cc (something that's hard to pull off such as freezing trap)

    the only instant cc there is are stuns. and are reduced to be no longer than 4 seconds, and there is no way to make casted cc instant.

    mini stuns do not dr (charge)

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    well some CCs need to be removed sure, but I'd say just make all CCs have a cast time = if you can interrupt it there's room for counterplay no ?

    Also I'd just like to throw this here and say that reduce the amount of interrupts some classes have, classes should have 1 interrupt skill only, remove blankets from all classes except SPs, reduce uptime of some melee classes due to their insane MOBILITY ( catch my drift -.- )--> if this happens we might as well add a reduction to some gapclosers ( several gap closers leave some casters in the dust since they do not have as much escape mechanisms as the mage class ), remove mage RoF OR increase nova cd to counter previous melee reduction in mobility ( don't want mages to keep god tier peels when melees get gimped).

    personally as a lock I'd give away shadowfury ( I know it's really good but its too mop style CC ), I'm perfectly fine with castable fear and howl , I'm also willing to give up blood horror, just please fix gates : either make them 0.5 sec cast like circle is or remove them and balance us accordingly , whats the point in balancing us around a spell where the first 10 secs of a match are like a 100 meters sprint race in terms of who gets there first, place gates or get screwed in some cases, especially in certain maps.

    Feels like I missed something,but meh guess I'll add it later when I remember.

    Edit: oh yes, double mana cost for all casters, and reduce battle fatigue by about 25% , the point in this is , casters need to actually consider mana u know, and healers should have mana breaks more often like in the past, some healers barely go oom others go oom faster, I know this is a tough one so I might have to reconsider my opinion.

    Also, reduce the damage of some burst cds or create a share cd between cd stacking on some classes. the point of this is : if we want healers to go back to drinking we don't want people blowing up in 1 sec while peels are quite reduced as well.

    Btw that tenacity thing from swtor is pretty interesting tbh.
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    Step 1:
    Add a 10 second cooldown to all CCs that currently have no cooldown.
    Step 2:
    Rework some of the instant CC to have a cast time of at least 2 seconds. Make Instant Cyclones and Hexes a thing of the past.
    Step 3:
    make all interrupts have a 20 second cool-down or more but increase the lockout time by 1 second.
    Step 4:
    Enjoy much more balanced pvp.

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    I think the problem is mostly instant CC's.
    I recall a paladin Ret PvP movie from WoTLK where he gets CC'ed for 24 straight seconds. But his teammates survive and they go on to win the game. That's because DAMAGE wasent such unbalanced as it is today. And when balance is high, healing needs to be high and when healing is high, CC needs to be high. If they just cut down on the fact that people can blow other people up in less than 5 secs with all CD's popped I think it would naturally become smoother. But I properly dont know much about as the last time I pvped for real was back in WoTLK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naztrak View Post
    Make PS shadow only. They need void tendrils in tier 1 since they suck against melee.
    Ya I could see that - then again most melee are immune to fear nowadays ><

    Chastise is BS, I'd vote for it to be removed.
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    burst in wotlk pvp was much higher there was not as much instant cc in wotlk so cc was more defensive than aggressive (cc was 10s btw)

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    give everyone 1 non instant CC
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    That would single handedly kill SP in PvP...

    You want to reduce CC, cut the duration of all CC in half....

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    I agree CC is way too abundant but if I were one of the designers I would refuse to alter it without looking at interrupts at the same time.
    I would also take burst damage, sustained damage, damage over time in account knowing that for example damage over time classes should have access to more CC.

    And for the love of god put more CC's on the same DR tables, that would go a long way.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoGhost View Post
    give everyone 1 non instant CC
    Give everyone the same burst, the same defensive cooldown(s) as well then. Limiting CC or burst or any other element without taking the complete package into account is stupid and not making balance any better.

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    I get simplifying CCs and making getting rid of a lot of the ones added recently, but most of the ideas here are just dumb. Giving long CDs on CC and interrupts has some major flaws:

    First off...PVE. CC exists because dungeons should have a need for it. The PVE game was more fun when you actually had to think about mobs abilities and not just plow through AoE style from boss to boss. Same for interrupts. After CCing a mob or two in a pack, you then use your interrupts to control another one. Now this could be handled simply by limiting interrupting to mainly tank specs which are not meant to be played much in PVP.

    Secondly are the PVP ramifications of a change like this. This basically takes CC and interrupting out of the game in most respects and that results in poorly balanced game play, don't believe me, try some lowbie PVP when no one on your team has a real CC or interrupt skill yet and the other team has a single geared healer. He will be unstoppable wherever he is because there is no way to counter Healing without either CCs or interrupts. The game basically becomes nothing more than people standing in play mashing buttons and waiting to see who dies first. How is that fun? Keeping in things like kiting and gap closers and control abilities are what has made PVP into a fun experience.

    So sure, I'll admit that the CC has gotten overboard with things like the mass root of druids or the ridiculous amount that hunters have, but complaining about the simple ones that made the game what it is like Polymorph is just silly. Glass cannons need those skills because they don't have the defenses that others do and if everyone was the same then the game is boring. Some people should take a beating better than others, those same others should die quickly if focused but be very destructive if left unchecked.

    Maybe the issue is the survivability that has been given to the classes that bring the heavier amounts of CC. With frost mages being harder to kill than ever before and bringing more and more control on top of it, it creates an issue that needs to be addressed. Consider that line of thought to other classes and perhaps there's a better solution rather than just a blanket removal of nearly all CC.
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    they just need to theme classes/specs a little better. I've seen mentioned of removing Cap Totem in here for Shamans, and as a shaman player I completely agree. Hex and the slew of slows we have is far more than enough CC for a class that specializes in group utility, CC removal and healing. Shamans aren't about stunning things.

    Rogues are about stealth, dirty tricks and cooldowns. Are you out of cooldowns? good bye.

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    Better take away all the rogue CC, I hear someone thought about playing them in the tournament once.

    But not really.

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    This is how I feel about the current state of CC in WoW as of now. There is too much of it. It needs to be handled in a way without actually getting rid of most or all of the CC abilities. I have no idea how this could be done. But here is what I would like to see.

    Stuns their own DR timers.
    Rooting effects on another.
    Fears, Charms, Cyclones, Traps, and the like on the same DR timers as well.

    Now for the interesting part. DR times. I would like to see something along the lines of "once you become immune after the 3rd CC (I would be willing to even say the 2nd of the same CC type on this with no reduction of duration on CC's) you are immune to ALL CC for 1 minute, OR 1 CC effect of each of them and then DR kicks in and immune to ALL CC again for atleast 1 minute." The 2nd change I would like to see is make this "Needed PVP Trinket" BASELINE. Just like the Human Racial. Yes I know all the humans will complain about that being their racial. Well, if you want let them keep it. Or give them something else maybe. I think a change like this would be one of the cleaner ways to handle the amount of CC there is without just getting rid of it.

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    CC is part of pvp removing it will cause more trouble, i dont know how many played tbc but i hated it, those chess games lasting 20-40 minutes were terrible, id rather SEE more drs and less cc from healers, ie ps/hoj/hex/clone.. Or a 5 sec cd on spamable cc, 5 sec is enough considering dispell has 8 sec cd, also remove double interrupts.. But all of this will be affected by how dumb the dmg will be. Big numbers + long cc Chains suck, low dmg with Short cc also suckS, ITS rly challenging for them to fix this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexvladv View Post
    CC is part of pvp removing it will cause more trouble
    PvP'd since vanilla. Gotten a handful of gladiator titles. 300k+ hks.

    No. God no.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Disrupting Shout
    Mass Spell Reflect
    Storm Hammer (basically every CC talent should be replaced)

    Pet nova

    Dominate Mind
    Void Tendrils
    Psy Field

    Death Coil
    Blood Horror

    Reduce duration of KS
    Drop the whole "endless openers" and "stealthed for 5 sec after losing stealth"

    Evil is a point of view
    Blinding Light

    Every pet CC/interrupt/root
    Silencing Shot/That new interrupt
    Narrow Escape

    Silence on interrupt
    Make Thousand Fists trinketable

    Solar Beam needs to be trinketable
    Nature's Grasp
    Using feral interrupts as non-feral specs

    Seems fine. Maybe a longer cd on their interrupt.

    Death Knight
    Also fine.

    Warlock main.

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