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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    comparing wow to those games doesn't rly work, also they said they plan a big thing for the 10th
    I'd like to know exactly where you saw this, so I can maybe regain some hope in this game after everything else that's transpired since Blizzcon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synstir View Post
    Do you have to pay a monthly fee to make use of their house, electricity, water, other stuff?
    Do you have to pay for their attention, care, love?

    Somehow, somewhere you went wrong with this comparisson right?

    because comparing your parents to a profit-company in the way you just did, looks to me like an insult to your parents.
    Whatever they did for you, they did for free, right?

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    It sounded like that really, sry. Didn't mean anything by it.......
    Last time I checked cable, electric and other utilities are all services many of which have a monthly fee just like wow. The issue here isn't whether customers are appreciated or not it is the fact people who are unhappy with Blizzard and Wow are still paying Blizzard and think it is even remotely rational to pitch a fit every year because they don't get a tailor made gift from Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnaught View Post
    I would have been happy with a recolor of a pet. That seriously doesn't take a lot of time to implement; it's not like it's gonna push back WoD for another two months. That's all the year 4 pet was. A recolor of the panda.
    We have gotten hundreds of new pets every patch. Go get one of those and pretend you got it for the anniversary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conjor View Post
    I have confirmed that the 10th anniversary is a remake of Onyxia, but this time with more Whelps.
    Right before xpac 6 announcement I'm totally making a mock web page for World of Warcraft: Onyxia Reborn (again)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venant View Post
    Perhaps the biggest reason for people still playing WoW is because so many people still play WoW. If Blizzard had to compete with other games in the areas of quality and customer service, we would either have a far superior product or this game would be dead.

    The truth is that the people running this game are damn lazy because they have no competition. I see posts criticizing players for feeling a sense of entitlement, but how can you ignore the fact that Blizzard feels this same sense of entitlement and it is displayed in how they treat their customers. I don't understand why so many posters on this forum seem to think that the greatest good equates to maximizing Blizzard's profit margins, even when those profits come from producing a lower quality product.
    How exactly is Blizzard acting entitled? It is their company, their game and their decisions to make. Customers have ZERO rights in determining how a company does business or what it does or doesn't do for customers. Unhappy with Wow? Stop fucking paying for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infernix View Post
    For their 9th anniversary, Blizzard will be locking out Flying in the world and allowing you to earn it back after 2 weeks after finishing a chain quest and paying a relatively small gold cost.

    Flying has been restricted ever since it was implemented. Get out.

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    I rather have them work on WoD than put in some meaningless anniversary event tbf. While an event would be nice, I don't really miss it. I'll take the 9% XP though!
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    And 97% of the Internet knows that 99% of statistics are made up on the spot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaza-R View Post
    I remember when Blizzard used to do cool things for WoW events. [Baby Blizzard Bear], [Onyxia Whelp], [Spirit of Competition].

    They've gotten lazy in that regard, its pretty sad.
    So Blizzard is lazy for not having a major new feature go live during their anniversary such as when achievements went live and we got the baby blizzard bear or when Wow had its milestone 5th anniversary we got our 2nd and only other pet so far? Really? They told us pets would be for certain milestones. 9th anniversary isn't a milestone. We don't even have anything major happening this anniversary. Why exactly should it be special? It isn't laziness it is Blizzard doing precisely what they told us they were going to do and yet you people two years later are still throwing a temper tantrum over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gozzu View Post
    You do realize that the number of subs makes no difference here? It's the exact same money spent on it from them?
    The point is other mmos do things differently because their circumstances are different. It isn't a hard concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaza-R View Post
    Because they only made to 9 years because of...the people paying for their game?
    No one is playing Wow as a favor to Blizzard. If you don't get $15 worth of enjoyment out of the game each month then quit. No amount of freebies is going to change your view of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    I wouldn't imagine it takes much time to make a small event... I mean they're Blizzard. Oh, wait...

    Anyway, it sucks - After 9 years on and we get shit. You'd think they would have a small team or something split off for a week or a month to make a decent event... Or an item, or pet, or transmogrify gear.

    But this is depressing.

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    That correlation makes no logical sense and doesn't relate in any way to an anniversary.
    Again it isn't a matter of effort. Blizzard flat out straight up said they don't consider the past few anniversaries to be major enough to warrant giving us something bigger. You can disagree with them all you want but that doesn't make them lazy. After all the player requested changes Wow has seen over the past few years with many more to come in Wod it is absolutely mind boggling that anyone can accuse Blizzard of being lazy with a straight face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargur View Post
    EVE Online is over a year older than WoW and growing every time... CCP just cares more I suppose.
    Even Cryptic's (PW) Star Trek Online had much better events and subsequently rewards than Blizz's.
    Different games, different communities, different styles of development. Blizzard has gone above and beyond in regards to responding to what players want so don't even try to play that card here. Companies exist to make a profit and that profit hinges on happy customers. Blizzard can't afford to not care. No company can. Just because Blizzard doesn't capitulate to every customer's whim doesn't mean they don't care and if anything Blizzard is more than willing to take a hit in profit or subscriptions if it means making a better game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sildor View Post
    You people are just never happy are you?

    What were you expecting? We can't have something new and amazing all the time. We have enough mounts and pets and a new one would just drown in them and be forgotten in a few weeks.
    This. people really gotta stop thinking " i should get rewarded for doing nothing".

    aslong as they keep pushing good expansions, well thats all the "reward" i need for being a long time player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    You are comparing not getting a gift with beating up your wife?

    What the hell is wrong with you people..
    Why are you so desperate to obtain a pet that you will never ever use or look at?

    It's whining for the sake of whining and this thread should be closed.
    As appalling as the analogy is, it is actually rather appropriate given the people crying the loudest about this are the people who seem to hate the game and yet continue paying for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullgore View Post
    The gift is underwhelming... any ind of vanity item would have done but this is just plain lazy
    Does this "underwhelming" gift make the game any better or worse for you? No? Then what difference would a pet make? It won't magically make the game better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatteredSausage View Post
    Gotta love the blizzard sheep ahahah
    Did your retarded brain not stop to think that the game has been around so long because of a large majority of the playerbase are still here playing??
    If most did not stick around your beloved game would be stuck in hell hole with all the other mmo's people claim them to be in.
    Saying that , checking out all the other mmo's gifts to players makes me wonder if wow should be down to 1mill or less subs, maybe they would appreciate there customers more so.
    So yea you should be gratefull they have otherwise you would be out there with your tongue stuck up some other developers ass.

    I agree they should give something more to people that have stuck around even through there shitty expansions.
    Oh fuck off. If anyone here are sheep it is the haters who do nothing but whine bitch and moan day in day out for years on end over a game they hate and can't let go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalasEU View Post
    I honestly prefer that they spend all their time on the expansion, rather than delaying it with some trivial mount/pet that everyone will have and no one will use.
    So YOU are EVERYONE? I like pets and mounts and use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thimagryn View Post
    So I just wanted to share this anecdote that happened today, totally unrelated to the mess I caused in that other thread.

    I was playin a few games of DOTA 2 that an ex-WoW guildy invited me to. He'd stopped playing around Cata, came back for Mists to PVP a few times, but that's about it. We play 3 games with a couple of his friends, have some lols and wind down just talking about other games and stuff.

    So he brings up WoW, saying he read that Heirlooms would be account wide on PTR, and that he wants to go back when it goes live (He's an altoholic). He's trying to convince me to go back too, and he's talkin to another friend who also wants to go back. I'm not gonna go back but I amuse his ideas a bit.

    I tell him about the Anniversary thing that's going on right now, the whole 9% exp boost. So he gets all excited and says he wants to resub now for it. Then he checks it out and sees that it's only a temporary buff for a few days only, and yeah, he's gonna wait till the Heirlooms hit live instead of resubbing now. He asks me if there's anything else like a pet or whatever, and I just say not this year, he said 'Lame' and that that was that.

    TL; DR - That's how uneventful the Anniversary is. It's not even enough to bring back my altoholic friend who wants to level toons. He's willing to wait for account wide heirlooms to hit live instead. True story.
    People quit the game and come back on a daily basis. So what? I'm sure there are people who are quitting over the new undead female model but that doesn't make it a valid reason nor something Blizzard should concern themselves with.

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    why not make the exp boost 90% atleast? it's a nice bonus and they'll let you make an insta 90 anyways

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    WoW players = Cry babies

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    Why would it be that the games that have <1/10 the subscribers of WoW might do something more "special" for an anniversary that no one cares about anyway?

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    It's not just 9% xp, it's also rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Flying has been restricted ever since it was implemented. Get out.
    Yeah and it's always been an awkward's funny that people have just now started to notice how odd it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffler View Post
    Well blizz don't really care about the customer anymore, if they did Diablo 3 wouldn't have had the RMAH for so long.
    Because removing RMAH totally proves they hate their customers. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you people? You bitch and whine when Blizzard doesn't do something players want and god help them if they ever decide to make a change based on player feedback because they will catch hell for that as well. You people are absolutely completely absurd. Between this and the thread complaining about finally getting cross realm heirlooms I think this site has hit an all time low in idiocy and hate.

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    Well when they have enough resources to do pets and mounts for blizz store, they could also do something for anniversary so don't come on me with this "using resoursces on expansion bull****" I am disappointed by this "reward"

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    People quit the game and come back on a daily basis. So what? I'm sure there are people who are quitting over the new undead female model but that doesn't make it a valid reason nor something Blizzard should concern themselves with.
    What I want is the game to provide something for the event they glorified in the past. Sure they only gave pets out for 2 years out of 6, but those two years were memorable.

    You just see it as entitlement, while I'm telling you it's deeper than that.

    Every year we get a holiday event. Year after year, it's the same holiday event. But every year, something new gets added or updated keep things at least a little bit fresh. Sure some people complain it's the same old content, but at least we're getting equal/more than last year. The Anniversary event is like if they took away the holiday events and prizes, but still acknowledged it as a holiday and gave out a temporary buff in its place. People feel dejected at the premise of not having what they got before. It's not about the prize or the free gifts, it's about having less than what was expected. Nobody likes a nerf. That's the core issue.

    If you mention the Anniversary to any WoW player, most will think of the Pets. It's not a coincidence that this happens. This is the impression Blizzard made for the first two years they actively celebrated the event, and it stuck strong. There's a reason why even 4 years after the last pet had been given out people STILL think about it. It's the principle.

    I don't offer a solution for this predicament, but I offer insight as to why so many people are disappointed by the simple EXP buff and why they always compare it to the pets. The minor anniversaries don't make any impressions, yet they still draw attention. No one will remember the years that they didn't get a pet, which is why people will still ask if they're getting them the next year, and the next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mackeral View Post
    Just posted this on official site- any thoughts?


    I am royally disappointed in once again feeling short changed from Blizzard when it comes to anniversary of their playerbase.

    So do you see why I feel we are all short changed? compared to other companies out there Blizz is once again showing they quite simply just Do Not Care about their playerbase!
    You should not expect anything to start with, then you won't be disappointed. It's nice to get a gift from Blizzard, they are not obliged to do anything. And the fact that 'competitors'ssem to do more....?
    First of all, I have no idea what they did the other years, so just taking one anniversary from each game is not enoug info to build judgment on anyway. Secondly, the exorbitant amount of gifts might be a desperate attempt to keep playerbase stable or get people to come back.

    I would have loved something better but am happy with this too. Never look a gift horse.... etc.
    Don't expect anything for the next year and perhaps you may be pleasantly surprised

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thimagryn View Post
    Eh. I think you're missing the point and lumping anyone who wasn't satisfied with 9% EXP boost for 2 days as wanting pets/mounts and would complain even if we got it. That's just not the issue. It's the lack of effort being put into the whole ordeal. It makes you question why they put any effort into recognizing the anniversary anyways, especially if they're just going to save up doing something special every 5 years or whatever milestone.

    If they want people to recognize the anniversaries, they should be doing something more than the same exp boosts for the past few years, which ARE still pretty disappointing. I can get an EXP boost from Summer Solstice and spinning on a pole for 30 seconds, AND it provides a bunch of other content. Every year. The minor holidays are more special than the anniversary.
    Again if people are going to whine about this they would do well to actually get a clue about what they are whining about. The tabard that gives the xp/rep buff lasts for the duration of the anniversary which is around 2 weeks not 2 days. This isn't about effort because Blizzard just flat out doesn't consider anniversaries 6-9 to be major unlike the 4th (implementation of the achievement system at the time of the anniversary which is why we got the baby blizzard bear) and the 5th which was a milestone and why we got the Ony pet. The only people trying to present anniversaries 6-9 as "major" are the players bitching up a storm over not getting a pet, not Blizzard. As I have said before Blizzard has been crystal clear with their stance on anniversaries and haven't promised anything to anyone outside of the milestone anniversaries. At this point after nearly 3 years it is time to let it go. No amount of temper tantrums is going to get Blizzard to consider minor anniversaries to be anything other than exactly what they are...minor anniversaries.

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