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    I rather like bonus rolls. I had my first run in flex mode today with my guild, it was quite a blast. I am a mage and so Sha of Pride only has 2 pieces of gear for me. We killed Sha and my tier chest piece drop, I decided to bonus roll as my weapons sucked and I'd quite like the staff, which I promptly got .

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    took me 9 rolls to get my first heroic item with a coin.

    Anyway no need to complain OP, just remember back in firelands we only got 14 pieces of loot a week vs today's 29 + ordos + celestial + 30 bonus rolls for a 10 man raid.

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    Which is why a system of tokens dropping from bosses that are currency for gear is a much fairer method of distributing loot. You "earn" your upgrades by completing content, not playing against RNG.

    But people love winning the lottery, so there ya go.

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