View Poll Results: What is your favourite raid mechanic of all time?

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  • Stack up/Spread out

    40 13.99%
  • Run away from/towards people when you have debuff

    31 10.84%
  • Use cooldowns to survive something and/or rush through a burn phase

    128 44.76%
  • Start/Stop DPS at a certain moment

    14 4.90%
  • Kiting/CCing adds

    61 21.33%
  • Switch to DPS a different target for a bit

    12 4.20%
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    I personally love mechanics that forces your raid to really know what they're doing such as Defile or Heigan's Safety Dance. Ulduar had a lot of interesting mechanics as well, especially Yogg-Saron. Having to turn your back to mean things in Yogg-Saron's different realms was pretty smart, you couldn't just send someone clueless in there and they'd nail it at the first attempt like many heroic bosses today. General Vezax "heroic" mechanic was interesting to deal with as well, having no mana regen really forced you to rotate healers and never overheal until you really overgeared the fight.

    Nowdays I think fights are a bit too much about tossing random damage around and rotating raid cooldowns. Hard fights are usually the ones that have a lot of unavoidable damage and you simply have to rely on massive cooldowns coupled with good RNG to beat them until you outgear them. It sort of feels like Blizzard don't want to add single "hard" mechanics due to the fact that they wouldn't work at all in raid finder or flex mode, and rather resort to stacking multiple easy mechanics at the same time of which some can be ignored on easier raid modes.

    Oh. And I really miss that you simply don't have to CC aside from stuns and interrupts nowdays. It's sad that you have abilities like polymorph, fear and the likes yet you're never forced to use them outside of PvP. Bring CC back to the PvE part of the game!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanubis View Post
    You must have HATED Thaddius then
    Not really (if i skip lags and that it was not playable before midnight), it was still you who had to decide where to run with debuff and it was just you who died if you were on bad group (unless there were more ppl who screw it at same group).

    I know a lot of these old fights i remember better than they really were, but i cannot help it. Even now there are some cool mechanics, but a lot of them are diminished because you can just deal with them with CDs and aoe spam (both heal and dps).

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    I do like "find your debuff buddy" mechanics like Paragons. They're only infuriating when others (or yourself :3) aren't comfortable with which one goes where.

    I love interesting healing checks, like burn phases with intensive heals. I like balancing DPS when some % is reflected back like Council in ToT. That was interesting.

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    A quick top 3 becuase I cant decied
    The ice Tomb phase against Sindragosa. Not only did you need to stand behind them towards a certain obejct(like Sath from Naxx) but you also had to kill them at fast enough for the player inside not to die, and slow enough so you could dodge all the ice bombs.
    The saronite things against General Vezax in Ulduar. This was mainly because I was a healer during that fight, and the fact that you had to balance how much mana you needed against how much damage you were gonna take.
    Defile because god damnit we wiped a lot to that shit... properly the spell I have been most afraid of to date.

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    My favorite mechanics are the unique one like kj in sunwell. Using the dragons was hella cool.

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    Triforce on Ragna HC was awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyubey
    So if you ever feel like dying for the sake of the universe, please call me anytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molestron View Post
    Don't like stack. Can't see shit in the crowd and have no idea where my character is specifically. It's also hard to concentrate on the rotation when I can't see what my character is doing. It's even worse in 25 men.

    I'm pretty much indiferent to all other mechanics. Just as long as it's not something retarded like the dance at Heigan The Unclean where you don't even know where you're supposed to move. After all these years I still have no fucking clue where to stand on that.
    Wut? Heigan's dance was totally predictable. It went 1-2-3-4-3-2-1-2-3-4 etc.

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    You're missing:
    - Attenuation (Imperial Vizier Zor'lok)
    - Dark Animus phase 1 adds
    - Dances (Ragnaros, Lei Shen, Lich King)

    I don't feel like making a huge list but this thread doesn't work well with a poll like other people have said.

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    The fire on the ground during hardmode Mimiron is my favorite.

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    Blood-Queen Lana'thel bite....specially when I got the first bite of the pull.... Ooooo the fun of nuking and bitting others :P

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    Heroic Lich King - Defile and DPSing down the three Valkyries to 50% to prevent raid members dying were two of the most unforgiving mechanics that spring to mind.

    One mistake by one person would very quickly wipe the raid on defile, and killing/stunning the Valks took a lot of co-ordination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozendekay View Post
    The fuck are these options?

    They're all extremely generic and none are what makes an encounter interesting.
    Yeah, I came in here remembering how much I enjoyed Leo the Blind and we get those as options... lol

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    Class calls on Nefarian.

    Those sweet Hunter and Rogue tears!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaschnack View Post
    Class calls on Nefarian.
    while i hated to carry another bow or two for this fight, it was still amazing

    i also really loved the dual phase thingy on Halion (ruby sanctum)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molestron View Post
    I'm pretty much indiferent to all other mechanics. Just as long as it's not something retarded like the dance at Heigan The Unclean where you don't even know where you're supposed to move. After all these years I still have no fucking clue where to stand on that.
    It's pretty easy. It comes out of the same cracks every time. If you haven't figured it out, you aren't paying attention. The pattern is as simple as simple gets.

    OT : The entirety of the Hodir fight. I enjoyed every mechanic.
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    Mage tanking!

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    Heigan Dance gets my vote

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    Fading Light , Ultraxion. Could never grasp my head around how so many people failed that.

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    Defile was really nice
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