View Poll Results: What is your favourite raid mechanic of all time?

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  • Stack up/Spread out

    40 13.99%
  • Run away from/towards people when you have debuff

    31 10.84%
  • Use cooldowns to survive something and/or rush through a burn phase

    128 44.76%
  • Start/Stop DPS at a certain moment

    14 4.90%
  • Kiting/CCing adds

    61 21.33%
  • Switch to DPS a different target for a bit

    12 4.20%
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    Someone fucking up with the tears on archimonde..oh those times "im dead,sorry lagged" "ok guys,go die in a fire,fast release and here we go again.."
    Cores on vashj and trying to teach someone new on shade of aran not to move when the fire comes was another "fun" time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bouletos View Post
    Triforce on Ragna HC was awesome.
    You must be joking (assuming you're talking about Geyser). It has to rank as one of the most horrible mechanics ever designed. In one of the hardest bosses in the history of this game, this one was so bad that people had to cheese it in order to make it manageable. As a stand alone mechanic it might not have been so bad, but mixed with everything else in that phase 4 it's easy to see why Ragnaros destroyed so many guilds.

    As for my personal favourite, it's the additional drakes in the Sartharion encounter. A mechanic that was organic, didn't need a toggle, was a pre-cursor to Ulduar's fabulous hard modes, and could be staggered in difficulty while you learned it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrwyss View Post
    Someone fucking up with the tears on archimonde..oh those times "im dead,sorry lagged" "ok guys,go did in a fire,fast release and here we go again.."
    I came here to say this.
    I love how Archimonde shat all over your raid if someone died.

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    Mhhh I absolutely loved healing HC Yor'sahj. As a resto druid that was incredibly fun and mildly challenging. It was a real fun challenge when I did it 25 man hc and did two of the groups by myself (cause we had just kicked a holy pally who was unable to understand that mechanic).

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    I always liked the mechanics that picked off your raid one by one like the teron gorefiend debuff or the doom debuff from the one boss in mount hyjal.
    I also really enjoyed archimonde where if one person died it set off a chain reaction
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    Hated it during progression; now I think its the best mechanic ever invented.

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    I like "split up the raid" mechanics. i.e.

    Thorim in Ulduar
    Gunship in ICC
    Spoils in SoO

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    Absolutely the Heigan dance.
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    I actually think the poll is really interesting. Most mechanics in the game can be broken down to those very basic categories (plus "move out of the thing"), with a few exceptions. Any raid boss is just a combination of those categories, with each category getting some sort of spin on it based on the fight. For example, Lei Shen was an awesome fight, but the moment that the strategy 'clicked' for a lot of people was the realization that it was just a stack/spread fight, for all it's mechanics.

    This doesn't mean that "all fights are the same" or anything else negative. It's just interesting that there really is a core set of very basic mechanics that appear in various incarnations, because that is what works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    I liked Majrodromo a lot in that regard, especially HC.

    It is a basic stack and Spread on the surface, but your Raid skill controls exactly how long you stack stacked or spread. There are also various tricks like having one DPS not stack with the others for doing increased damage if you pay attention for the stacking requirement.

    With that said, my favourite Mechanics are those where the Developers add destructive Effects:
    -Lich King or Malygos destroying parts of the Ground, Lord Rhyolith having pieces of his Armor torn off, Statues of Feng collapsing, Raidgnn's Carapace breaking off partially. Those Fights I enjoy a lot.
    I liked fights like Domo as well where as your groups gear gets better you can change how you approach the fights or even deal with different group comps. I also like the obvious X didnt stack and killed the raid things as the screw ups stick out and make for a sometimes hilarious wipe.

    Destructive effects is cool as well along with bosses and the zone changing which personally helps improve immersion if done right with the DW fight being one that missed the intended goal and ended up being shit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post

    This doesn't mean that "all fights are the same" or anything else negative. It's just interesting that there really is a core set of very basic mechanics that appear in various incarnations, because that is what works.
    There is and is part of the complaints I hear from some old time raiders finding later fights to be boring rehashes. The defensive/offensive cooldown one is used a lot as well and at times when its use doesnt really mater. Outside of having to juggle various players cooldowns I find the mechanic to be too common place and simplistic in terms of execution. Getting players to run away from X or split the groups with Y amount of group size stacking on the other hand can make for a fun time. I found Festergut to be fun despite it otherwise being a tank and spank.
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    Anything that resembles this kind of gameplay;

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    Partial to Patchwerk myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abstieg View Post
    Absolutely the Heigan dance.
    Oh yeah this. <3 you, Naxx, now and forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakki View Post
    It is my favourite mechanic over those years of WoW... something where you have to deal with it on your own without copying comeone else movement (you cant, due to latency) or just following tank. I am simply fan of "solo survival mode", where you die due to your bad actions/movement.
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    P3 Heroic Nef as an add tank. So awesome.

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    I really like fights like patchwerk/brutallus, where it may take a while to down them and forces you to really play at the peak of your own skill on dps healing and tanking.

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    Unique fights like Nefarian are really cool. (although ill be damned if I ever do that shit again as a hunter -_-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mifuyne View Post
    Anything that resembles this kind of gameplay;
    Games that I am too much of a scrub to beat. Mario is even too hard for me. Yet I sit between normal/heroic skill level in WoW. As long as Blizzard doesnt make boss mechanics sensitive to movement like side scrollers I am all good.

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    Other. Dark nuclei from Blood Prince Council. It was always harrowing, always challenging, always thrilling to tank.

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    Healer fights.
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    You forgot "move left" and "move right," of which I tend to enjoy the former more.

    No, but really, those are awkward choices. Mechanics can be generic like that, but they can also be unique (e.g. the blobs on Rotface).

    I personally really enjoyed the abomination mechanic on Putricide. I really can't say why, I just liked it.

    Quote Originally Posted by gemana View Post
    I like "split up the raid" mechanics. i.e.

    Thorim in Ulduar
    Gunship in ICC
    Spoils in SoO
    I also agree with this. In a huge raid, it can a lot of the time feel like you don't play a huge role. It's cool when you split up and you realize "oh, I'm the only healer here; I CAN'T f up!"

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