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    [Balance] Trinket questions

    Hello everyone, i have a question about what trinket to replace

    I am using

    wowhead.com/item=95711 (Breath of the Hydra LFR)
    wowhead.com/item=94524 (Unerring Visions of Lei Shen Normal)

    and i just got

    wowhead.com/item=105042 (Kadris' Toxic Totem LFR)

    Which trinket should i replace?

    Thank you in advance

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    UVLS should be replaced. It doesn't proc nearly enough to be worth while for balance druids.

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    I'll venture to guess you're not cutting edge enough to really care about the dps difference, so why don't you decide based on whether you think UVLS procs are fun? Or whether getting rid of the haste is convenient/inconvenient?
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