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    Resto Druid - WeakAuras for tracking Lifebloom

    Hi,i'm writing here cause i'm having some problems on make it.

    Basically i want to create an aura which appears ONLY when my Lifebloom has 5 sec remaining time on any member of the party/raid. That reminds me to refresh it every time easily.
    The fact is that i find some issues when i change the Remaining Time operator.
    Seems that >5 works perfectly: i can see the icon for the entire duration and when it reaches 5 secs it disappears. Sounds good.


    When i modify the remaining time operator to <5 (or any other operator with "<") , it doesn't work at all, and the icon never appears.

    Does anybody have the same problem?
    Any tips for that?


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    IDK how to fix that but you could just make it a persistent aura that flashes when it gets to below 5, it makes the aura a little more complicated, but it's still easy to make.

    The problem that you are going to have, is that you have to pick a target for that Aura to be on. Which means for example that if you have it on a tank, but then target a DPS the aura will disappear completely. I'm sure there are some tricky LuA things you can do to fix this, but I would make it on your focus, and then macro your LB to change whatever target you cast it on to your focus, then have the macro key off your focus.

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    I Know my Vuhdo frames give me a 3 sec warning on my HoTs, but aside from that I don't know what addons/mods you are prepared to use

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