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    Question Is PVP Power overrated? Someone help me.

    Sup everyone thank you for checking out my thread. Ok so I have a fully decked out unholy DK in full greivous gear with wpn etc. Im sitting at 51% pvp power. Yes 51% pvp power lol. So ive been doing random battlegrounds just to see how OP 51% pvp power is. To my disappointment, I find I dont notice much of a damage difference going from 41% pvp power (full tyrannical) jumping to 51% pvp power (full grievous). So i'm trying to figure out what exactly does pvp power do. I know its supposed to amplify my DKs damage abilities but which ones? All of them? or only certain abilities. Does my gargoyle and pet also benefit from pvp power? I find that it takes me about the same time to kill someone then it did before I was in full grievous gear. It could be me but I find that pvp power is not as good as I think its supposed to be. Anyone else experience this? Thank you for reading this any info would be appreciated.

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    yes, ALL abilities benefit from PvP power. You aren't killing people faster because when you were tyr, others were too, now u are full griev, others are too PvP power isn't "WOW AMAZING" but it's on gear anyway. Just don't gem power or resi =)

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