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    does pvp gear make that much of a difference?

    Does it help with survivability and or dps to kill people?

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    Pvp items have the same amount of stats as a pve item of equal ilvl and some extra stats from pvp power. So pvp items help with dmg now when you got base resilience.

    Edit: In arena the ilvl of pve items also scale down to honorpoint gear ilvl and increase weekly untill its capped at same as conquest gear ilvl
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    In world PvP no.

    In rated play (and random BGs) yes.

    PvE ilvl is reduced in rated play so the pvp and pve pieces are roughly equivalent. PvP pieces have power on them though so a pvp player will do around 40% more damage than a pve player. There are some exceptions currently like the tanking meta that reduces damage by 20% seemingly all the time when I am bursting, but pve trinkets and set bonus and things are severely reduced in both power and uptime in pvp making them non-useful.

    General rule of thumb if two equally skilled players meet and one is full PvE geared and one is full PvP geared is that in the open world the PvE wins easily and in rated play the PvP wins easily.

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