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    People are just disappointing because there are rewards in the blizzard store which could of been anniversary awards, either way, doesn't matter too much in the long run.
    New season. Fun times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragemv View Post
    Because it is a slap in the face. They used to give out pets. Some cool pets. Now we get a Tabard. That does not even last for ever, with only 9% xp or rep. Before in time Blizzard would give out thise amazing pets. now we get a 9% xp buff for a week and we can buy the new Pet on the game store. Men hey buiness is buiness, And if people are happy with Shit, why would they waste income on a cool pet
    They gave out exactly TWO in 9 years, get the hell over yourselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinneer View Post
    That is what I find baffling. People are complaining about a free gift. A present.

    If someone gave me a present, I would be happy.

    I would too. I guess some people just expect something equal or better than previous years. We've all gotten $1000 presents and other times only got a card. The size of the gift should have no bearing. The manner in which it is received is the most important thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    They gave out exactly TWO in 9 years, get the hell over yourselves.
    6 years. First 3 years were never celebrated. Technically it would be 5 years, since Year 6 was not acknowledged either.

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