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    PS: you should never stack in the entire fight, even P2. Use the range of the AoE healing spells (healing rain etc.) to avoid getting hit by multiple cannons.
    Not true, You can stack for the first wave in p2 (after he uses tar) so as to facilitate using barrier(s) as they are useless otherwise.
    Presumably you can stack up for the 2nd and 3rd wave too, But that seems dicier and unless you are running 2 DK´s and two discs you wouldn't have enough barriers for more than the first one anyway.

    Nazgrim, Avoid hitting 75 since that's likely to kill someone, Generally one with bone cracker, BoP´s, and the other hand i cant think of it atm, the talent, are useful to avoid it happening (someone dying that is). But the most important thing, I think, Is to make sure to kill all adds prior to pushing him sub 10% as things quickly gets insane sub 10% and if there is a wave already up that makes it Harder.

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    I do think people overthink ilvl difference sometimes and neglect the gameplay behind that. When the Chinese guild 1 healed and got 10H Garrosh first, people all said it's ilvl. But when Paragon beat that, they used the same strat, and so did everyone else. Can't blame ilvl for everything. He had 1.2M health in raid when he recorded those videos, which isn't crazily high for a dk. And even if ilvl makes that big difference, he did beat 25H with the same strat which is not easier than us, and if you watch the video it was their first kill.

    But thank you all for the advice. Some are very helpful indeed.
    I do believe their 25 is what drops the higher ilvl, So that would make it easier yes? (my interest and thus knowledge on the subject is limited)
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    For shamans: We do 2 tanks + 2 heals + 1 melee for haromm, tanking near the gate to Nazgrim and the rest (1 tank + 1 heal + 3 rDDs) for Kardis. Dunno if a DK can handle the adds + prison + falling ash alone without a heal.
    You can AMS every falling ash making it a non-issue. Adds shouldn't do anything.
    I'd almost like to try it sometime. (but i'm strictly dps)

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