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    Is it possible to solo Trial of the Champion (Heroic)?

    Hello all, I'm looking to finish out my achievements for Lich King Dungeons, but all I have left is Trial of the Champion. I tried to solo the dungeon on heroic before, but I couldn't even get past the first boss before I gave up from sheer annoyance. Is there some easy way to solo this that I'm missing?

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    Yeah it is, Only problem might be the first faction heroes, where they keep trampling you.
    But if you can maintain high dps on them you can down them pretty easily. Took me slightly longer than i wanted but its not so hard. Even easier being rdps.

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    It is -annoying- to solo, I did it on a brewmaster. You just gotta make sure they all "die" in a close spot close to where you can grab a mount and then you can keep them trampled. I had some weird thing though where one guy kept wandering off for who knows what. Probably took 15 minutes.

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