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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazu View Post
    Cant trade the spirits to another person so he wouldnt be able to.

    Best bet is just whichever crafting mat is best seller on your server, or a balance of all. 20 cloth for example might be better value than a golden lotus (if a lotus is 40g, and cloth is 3g each like mine you get 20 more per spirit).
    doh, daft moment

    I just get lotuses easy gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delaios View Post
    I regret not doing that early in the expansion, when you could get 3 for 1 Spirit and went for 200 gold+ on my realm's AH. Had most of them on my main, who was Alchemist/Engineer and decided to just stockpile some. Ended up spending 2 stacks of them on Archy crates because I was too lazy to do actual Archaeology.
    Agree completely, now I'm sitting on 95 Spirits I wish I had done something with.

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    I had a whole bunch of them on my tailor. Eventually I just gave up on them ever becoming BoA this xpac and used 3 at a time for the cloth cooldown. Burned them all. Crafted a bunch of bags and sold them for 3k a piece. Made a tidy sum of gold.

    I wouldn't hold my breath on them becoming BoA this xpac.

    If you can't find anything to do with them other than mass crafting, I'd just buy the trillium ore from the vendor and sell it on the AH.

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    Check out the AH, buy a certain bunch of em to sell for a "reasonable" lowest price and make some decent money, especially if you have no interest in continuing to craft things.
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    I had farmed out 84 spirits over a few days while grinding out sky shards and while I had planned on using them to fill up a guild bank and make a bit of gold I ended up just turning all of them into Restored arftifacts to try to get the ultramarine battle tank.

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    I have 228 of them at the moment, down from maybe 350. I get most of them from regular Isle of Thunder treasure runs. They add up if you don't regularly spend them.

    I recommend using them for cloth and living steel cooldowns. But because you have only blacksmithing, I suggest you make something like Ghost Shards. The 502 weapons are also good, but only if you can get living steel at a decent price.

    Or as people suggest, if you are more interested in fun than gold, turn them into cooking tokens and buy cool stuff.

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    I had a bunch stacked up on my tailor/enchanter which barely has uses for them so i just made imperial silks and made bags and thats pretty much it.
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    Golden Lotus will almost always be your best option. 154 golden lotus isn't even that much to dump on an economy, you can probably put them all up there and sell them right away.

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    I find golden lotus to be the best way to make money with them.. However, as blacksmithing, you can make some of those reborn, 502ilevel weapons. They also require spirit of harmony, you'll probably get the best gold per spirit in that, but it'll be a very, very long time until you can spend all of your spirits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reffan View Post
    Hello. I have 77 Spirits of Harmony and I have no idea how to spend them to make some profit out of it. Any ideas? I got mining & blacksmithing at 600.

    change small gems into primal diamonds and profit.
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    buy stuff like the ores and the golden lotus or use them to level up any profession

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    I trade mine for Achaeology fragments.

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    My suggestion for you is to get rid of mining, it might sound stupid to you, but level up a brand new toon with mining and you will make a lot of money on that even. Then you need to get a profession that use spirits for something useful, this could be JC, make the uncut meta gem, put them up in stacks of 5, people legendary meta gem will buy them within 12 hours on a Wednesday. That's my opinion. You can always search on wowhead on what they can be used for in other professions

    Best regards

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    Golden Lotus is an easy way of spending you Spirit of Harmony and gaining a good sum of gold.

    - Rift

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    I use golden lotus to make flasks hoping that they proc

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    judgement above ^^ has the best idea. if u are a jc with 77 spirits of harmony. turn them into 77 primal diamonds..and profit. 300g per diamond minimum.. hurray. all u need is 5 of the lesser gems and you are all set. most are cheap to buy except for orange ones.

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    If I wanted to make money, pick up golden lotuses and put my trade skills to use.

    Instead, I opted for tol'vir fragments, and have yet to get the bug mount still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reffan View Post
    Hello. I have 77 Spirits of Harmony and I have no idea how to spend them to make some profit out of it. Any ideas? I got mining & blacksmithing at 600.
    you can buy the archeology things for them and try to get your mounts/pets.
    you can buy ore/herbs and sell on the ah

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    if LW then
    leg enchants
    trade them for golden lotus => xmute for gems or make flasks (w/e)
    or if crafting boe mop market is good you could consider doing "difficult" to obtain items like off-hands (from scribes) etc

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    With the expansion winding down the profit from Golden Lotus is starting to plummet, at least on my server. Stacks of Golden Lotus have fallen from 1.5k to about 700g within the last month. If you're planning on getting rid of spirits via the vendor then act before it's too late; otherwise your only real options would be Archeology or Trillium.

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