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    first of all, get this cute little vegetable :

    because of his weakening blow ability, this one is the best pets to capture a pet alive.

    then, check the spawn locations from various sites, and camp them.

    alternatively, if you are really after this pet no matter what, level a dk in a moderate ( not low, they have huge crz nowadays ) pve server, or even a rp server.

    then do the 3rd part. good luck with the catch. i caught mine in moonglade rp server on the day they introduced the pet, and i wasnt even camping or anything. so worths a shot.

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    I found my first one today. I killed the mob that it was near, my cloak procced and I killed it. Almost cried, but it respawned almost immediately.
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    Found mine in Borean looking for Icehorn, would therefore suggest not activly looking for it, but rather look for it alongside Frostbitten

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    Just put some of your chars on some respaw points when a server restart happens. For example, i waited the server virtual merge from Grim Batol x Aggra server this week, the server was offline from 05:00 am to 09:00. I started to try log on the my server and when i did, there it was.

    Server restart is the best way to get rare pets ( if you are not in hurry ofc )

    Sorry for my english btw

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    I've found this pet over and over and over...

    I see it mostly in Boren Tundra and Storm Peaks and Howling Fjord in that order..

    try this macro she is a bit hard to see sometimes, I spent 2 weeks looking for her and never found her then i started spamming this macro and found more than 5 so far now

    /tar Unborn Val'kyr
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /script PlaySound("RaidWarning")
    /run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,"Unborn Val'kyr AHHHHHHH!!!!", ChatTypeInfo["RAID_WARNING"])

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    I found my first one yesterday in Storm Peaks - I was on my alt, flying around and waiting for snowy weather to catch Arctic Fox Kit, and just found one between Temple of Storms and Snowdrift Plains. I'm on high pop server, so it was lucky day. Camping spawn points on another alt on low pop PvE server did nothing to me, so my advise is - fly around and hope for some luck, camping 1-2 spawn points on 2 servers didn't work well.
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    I use the add on PetTracker. Set for Missing or Filter Only Unborn. It will show the exact Locations that they spawn at. If you have Multiple Toons at 70 or above... Send One to each of the Northrend Zones.. log in..go to the 3 spawn points in that zone, then Log unto the next one. I found 3 that way within a few days, really Hours cause I would log off of a Search Northrend toon and do something else. Even gave one to a friend.

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    I've got 3. 1st 1 I was actively looking for by flying around all the spawn locations late at night...

    I found the other 2 just by checking the spawn location in Icecrown near to Dalaran and the spawn location next to Icecrown citadel while flying to the ICC raid for my weekly Invincible mount farming run.

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    I've got two and got an Undead stone from both fights.
    Maybe chances for Valkyr to spawn a stone are higher than for other pets.

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    Tips for people after these:
    -Keep your sanity. If you don't see one after two rounds over Northrend, you won't see them at all today. Try again tomorrow.
    -Don't be "that guy" killing multiple spawns until you get a rare one. Capture the first you find and upgrade it with a blue or even green stone.
    -Notify people trough guild/general chat when you see one, but don't need them.
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    i found mine back when they were first added, by total accident, was flying over to argent tournament grounds, and while flying over the border between crystalsong forest and icecrown i had 2 pop up on the map near icecrown citadel, have a look down that way, when i was there, even with CRZ, there was literally no more than 5 others waiting alongside me for a spawn, and from what i saw, either people didn't bother with them, but they respawned after a couple of hours, or so it seemed.

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    The best advice i can give is keep trying.

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    My wife was doing the Tournament quests to buy mounts she missed, then when waiting for Chillmaw, she saw a white thing moving near the big rock where it spawns.
    She thought it was a rabbit or something, but she saw quickly that it was the Valkyr ^^
    I don't remember which pet she used, they were all lvl 25 and it was easy.

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    Just go to a deserted realm at night :P easy enough to find mine

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    Just use oqueue to hop servers by joining ordos/celestials groups on wed/thu. You'll get your pet in no time. I just circled the zone around dalaran + one spot near k2 in storm peaks.Took me aprox. 30-40 minutes to capture both breeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowwolff View Post
    I have setup my pet journal to not show uncollected pets and I deleted my cache many times. When I manually enter the NPC on NPCscan, it says it is already cached... Is it already in the alerts and which tab is located under?
    If you have a pet battle addon enabled, disable it. Some of them will auto-cache all pets on login :/

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    Patience and luck.

    I camped the 3 spots in the Tundra because I was bored in the evening..but only for 2 hours without success.
    Next day, I flew around Northrend and finally saw 3 val'krys in 20min (one in Zul'Drak, one at the beach in Dragon Blight and one at the beach in the Tundra)

    I used PetTracker for the spawn locations and the are very accurate.

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    I have been hunting for weeks now, still not seen one :-(

    I guess I need to leave an alt camped somewhere and just login periodically and look around.

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    go to and look at the location for each area's spawn in northrend and park an alt at different spots check ur alts every couple of hours and viola new pet!

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    thx all some good tips i will try your macro Tom

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