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    Am I one of the few actually REALLY excited for WoD?

    I think this has potential to be the next great expansion since Wrath.

    The fact alone that there is a 10-level increase instead of 5 levels makes me ecstatic. This leaves more room for storytelling and lore-immersion, especially in Draenor.

    No flying for a patch won't be game-breaking or kill anybody. It'd be great to dust off my ground mounts and use them more, and I'm sure Blizz wont make the mistake of making everything too distant from each other so it becomes a drag.

    The exclusion of new races/new classes is actually a great thing FOR NOW. It helps me create more of a connection to my characters instead of making an entirely new one because of a new expansion. 10 more levels with my veteran characters is going to be great.

    However, my only fear is the end-game. I hope they learn from Cata and from MoP that grinding tedious heroics and doing dailies for a long span of time to just be raid-ready is not the way to go.

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    I wouldn't say you're one of the "few". I'm not really excited for it and I think I'm in the minority with that opinion. There are some cool features, but nothing really to warrant a re-sub imo.

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    I have been really pissed off with WoW since Cataclysm. MoP imo is not fun either. This finally looks like it's going to the true gritty Orcish core of what Warcraft is, so I'm actually really pumped.

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    No, I am really excited for this. Haven't been this excited since WotLK.

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    Not one of the few. The moaners and groaners are just louder than those who are looking forward to it.
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    I am very excited as is 75% of my guild.

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    The Blizzcon audience seemed pretty enthusiastic.
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    Forums are the absolute worst place to get a good idea about this topic. They are going to be filled with whiny babies for a while. When they do leave. This place can be more constructive again, and the only reason forum posters think their making a difference is because once in a while blizz throws them a response.

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    I think people are more into it then they are willing to admit. Maybe not excited but definitely interested.

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    You are not the only one. But ppl who are satisfied dont make forum posts everywhere, compared ppl who like to whine about every expansion ever announced will always post 1000000 posts about how it sucks blah blah blah....

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    What do you mean few? everybody is super excited about the new models alone...

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    I'm pretty keen for WoD, really like the way MoP ended up in terms of stuff to do outside of raiding. Solo content was much better than it was in cata, raiding was pretty good as well. If they continue in this direction for WoD i am sold. The only thing i dislike is Garrosh.

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    I'm very excited for the new expansion

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    the new models + instant 90 make it more worth it to me than any previous expansion, but then again i dont raid i only arena

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    Yessss I'm so happy, I agree I think it's going to be the best since Wrath. They are adding "little to no daily quests" at end game, which makes me so fucking happy right off he bat. And all of the changes with the inventory and the heirlooms and just the lore and the 90-100, ugh it makes me very happy! I'm so glad there's no flying either, I enjoy riding my ground mounts, hehe. :3
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    Chatting in various community channels and even trade chat (on an RP server mind you) people are very excited for WoD on all fronts. The only thing I've seen some fire for has been the free level 90, actually. Not flying, the free 90.
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    Most people are excited. It's just the minority that keeps bitching nonstop about everything.

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    People that are happy rarely come to a forum to post about it. It's the butt hurt whiners that spend all day looking for people to share their anger.
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    Compared to MoP after it was announced I am somewhat excited for WoB. Still not excited enough to think about picking it up at launch despite the whole no flying thing and some other factors seeming of interests. MoP just kinda burned me.

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    I think most people are stoked for WoD. As has been said in this post, it's the vocal minority of disgruntled people that will complain about anything and everything.

    Personally I liked MoP a lot, it brought me back after an extended break, but WoD looks like a game changer for me. Being an old school Warcraft player, the opportunity to meet these guys from those old games and explore their world is just too awesome to describe. Hit or miss, Blizzard has got a lot of balls taking chances like they do with their game.

    And for all the whiners, it is THEIR game. They can do what they want and if you don't like it go play with your lil ponies and gtfo of Azeroth.

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