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    The moment you get to the timeless isle you'll get free ilvl 496 gear, and if you have enough coins you can buy a weapon also at 496 + a trinket which is pretty OP too but that one aint ilvl 496 i think. Either way once you got your gear and stuff you can start doing LFR if you're lucky and you've reached high enough to do Thorne of Thunder then do that Raid instead of the other two. If all of that is done you can do some off time things such as Farming Timeless coins. Doing the Weekly bosses, or you can go to the Isle of Thunder and get some dailys done there works aswell free gold and doesn't take that long.

    ( This is PvE ) ofc
    Just to clarify, the weapons from Timeless Isle are 476, not 496, and the trinkets Xiandra mentioned are 535 ilevel and cost 50,000 Timeless Coins. As a side note, you can get the 496 version of these same trinkets as drops on the isle, but if your primary concern is gearing ASAP (as opposed to buying, say, the mount for 100,000 Timeless Coins), it's definitely worth the 50k to get the 535 version. You can't use both at once, but the 496 is pretty common that you'll get it fast.

    I'm just saying, if you have the 50k, and want a solid trinket, use your coins to buy the 535.

    Hope this helps.

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    Likely the fastest way to gear up is to go directly to the Timeless Isle. There's lots of passive buffs you can get from there to bring your power up to par to actually fight the mobs. These are through items you can pick off mobs, or from the "Kill 20 elites" daily you get at the end of the initial quests. Even more powerful buffs come from the Time-Lost Shrines you can find around the isle (might want to google a map of them so you know what to look for and where they are). Find a map of all the chests on the Timeless Isle, as they rain 496 gear insanely. There's even a chest (that is kinda hard to get to without completing the legendary chain) that gives you a Burden of Eternity, which can be used on one of the gear tokens you get normally through the Isle to give you a random piece of ilvl 535 gear. I used to have a guide to those bookmarked, but I guess I don't anymore otherwise I would have posted it. Also make sure to do the weekly boss their for a chance at tier loot (its the 4 celestials in the middle of the isle, you only have to fight 1 though, you only get loot from 1 per week and they share the same loot table).

    With all that gear from a few days on the isle, you can get a 516 guaranteed from doing the heroic scenario quest (will be available at your faction's shrine in the Vale when you hit ilvl 480). And from there you shouldn't be to far off from jumping right into LFR of the latest tier. If you are still a bit behind, try LFR of the Thunder King raid. Blizzard ups the droprate of previous tiers of LFR so you can get your character geared up for current content faster, so you should get geared fairly quickly there. You can buy Mogu Coins (that you can use for an extra chance at loot from Thunder King raid bosses) for 1000 timeless coins on the Timeless Isle which will be helpful.

    If you aren't exactly interested in catching up to the latest raid content as fast as possible, I would suggest the Krassarang 5.1 dailies. It was a really great experience with a lot of good story. You can also do the Isle of Thunder chain that unlocks the entire isle. They opened up as part of a server progression event overtime, which is long since over so you can just do them all in a row now. The dailies themselves don't really add to the story, so I would just stick with the main quest chain to unlock it all. Proving grounds is also pretty cool, you can push and try and get farther and farther into endless. And your ilvl doesn't matter at all! You still need to make sure your gear is well optimized though. Good way to practice when you aren't geared enough for actual raids yet. Lorewalkers is another somewhat short, but lore-filled side activity. I personally really liked it. The original dailies are really not worth doing at all at this point, unless you are looking for the mounts at exalted. Order of the Cloud Serpent is an interesting one and offers the most mounts from exalted (including one for free that you raise yourself during the daily chain!). Brawler's guild requires a bit of gear, but is A LOT of fun, assuming you can jump in at a time when not many people are there for shorter wait times. Its fun to watch the people doing fights you haven't gotten to yet though as well, as long as you dont have to wait TOO long. The first few ranks don't require much gear, and might actually be more engaging at lower gear levels since you actually have to pay attention to mechanics and not just 3 shot them with good gear. So try it out, push as far as you can, and than come back later with more gear to get further

    Bottom line though, no matter what you do, a really great way to get a lot of gear fast to catch up a bit is to simply find all the chests on the Timeless Isle. They are spawned purely for you, so other players can't take them from you or anything. You can only get each one once (with the exception of 6 of them which are weekly spawns for you, but don't really worry about them they usually only give coins).

    Legendary quest is fun too, but unless you are gonna stick with massively and make sure you make maximum progress per week towards it, you may not be able to finish with any significant amount of time left in the expansion. It will take a consistent three months or so. And its a lot of LFR farming (since no one really runs the old raids outside LFR anymore) which can get kinda boring.
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    Some good info in this thread, thanks guys. But what should you spend justice/valour points on? I'm already close to the cap from Cata.

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    PVP: BG for Honor gear, 2v2 for Conquest gear, RBG/3v3 for rating
    PVE: Dungeons for JP and blues, HC and timeless isles for purples and lootz, LFR/10M for end game.
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