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    Question Enhance Off-hand Expertise


    According to AskMrRobot that is the way I should be reforged/gemmed/enchanted but since I'm an Orc with an axe MH and a mace OH only my MH is expertise capped, I know that was OK on my Fury Warrior but I'm concerned about Lava Lash. Anyone have any knowledge/thoughts they could share on this?

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    I would make sure that you are expertise capped. My LL can crit for 500K~ and missing one of those can be crappy.

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    Mr robot usualy makes sure u are Purdy darn close to cap. Or at the very least close nuff that its rare to miss a special attack. It usualy does this because your other stats like mastery have more value over 1 tenth or 1 hundreadth of an expertice point.

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    Currently I am capped for MH but 6.5 for OH

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    Since lava lash is a special attack, it sits on the MH hit/expertise table doesn't it?

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    No it is an off hand special attack

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    if you swap your weapons before you use askmrrobot, it will fix it. just swap your weapons back to normal after you find the numbers you need.

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