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    2 or 3 heal heroics (10 man)

    We had to do some subbing on Garrosh since we needed to 2 heal it, but are most fights generally 2 healed or 3 healed on heroic.

    Im thinking of starting on noushen for our guild, do you 2 heal a zerg strat? Ive heard quiet a bit about it saying you only send 1 tank in and the rest of the dps nuke.

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    Every fight is two healable if you have two strong healers. If one is low, I would recommend three healing galakras, iron jugg, dark shamans, thok, and MAYBE blackfuse. Norushen is easily 2 healed.
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    thank you for your time sir.

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    We 2 heal everything except Thok

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    I'd recommend 3healing everything for a first kill, considering that your raid is fully normal mode geared so DPS is not an issue - as long as none dies boss should die in time.
    Then drop 2 healers for some bosses like Nazgrim, Norushen, maybe Galakras.

    My experience is only 8/14H so I can't talk about anything after Nazgrim.

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    only fights that require 3 healers are jugg and thok hc. thou some fights like immerseus panda trio and shamans and blackfuse are doable with 3 healers aswell. the rest you wanna 2 heal unless you are confident your dpsers cando it with 1 less dpser. Norushen will be the first gearcheck you run into where you gotta decide if your dps can handle the enrage timer with 3 healers.
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    Norushen is one of those fights where you use 2 healers baseline but can opt to go for solo healing. Anyhow. We 2 heal everything. On progress I believe only Iron Juggernaut and Thok were 3 healed. The rest are all easier to 2 heal.

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    For progression, I'd recommend the following.

    Immerseus - 3
    Fallen Protectors - 3
    Norushen - 2/3 (You can start with 3 for smoothness, and if enrage is an issue, drop down to 2.)
    Sha of Pride - 2
    Galakras - 2
    Iron Juggernaut - 3
    Dark Shaman - 3
    Nazgrim - 2

    Haven't done more.

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    immerseus is nice to have 3 healers for the slimes

    protectors, 3 while people are learning the fight and shit is going terrible wrong for first few pulls then 2 if you think you can manage

    norushen, no reason not to 2 man this, dmg is actually quite low

    galakras, lets more errors happen in 2nd phase to take 3, but 2 is fine

    Iron Jugg - 3

    Naz - 2

    most fights this tier also have dumb mechanics where outgoing damage spikes a ton until some add dies, so 2 healing works very well on a lot of fights though (protectors, norushen, sha, gala, naz, spoils, thok, paragons) so taking 2 healers even other than just the shorter fight duration will have a ton of benefits in significantly lowering damage taken

    but taking 3 healers for the first few pulls of each boss can be nice as it will let you see more on the first pull where stuff is likely to go wrong

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    We've 2 healed everything through spoils heroic, about to start on Thok though which from what I hear could be difficult if not impossible to two heal...

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    This is what my guild did for progression

    Immerseus 3
    Protectors: 3
    Norushen: 2
    Sha: 2
    Galakras: 2
    Iron Jugg: 4
    Shamans: 3 (1 bot side, 2 top)
    Nazgrim: 2?
    Malkorok: 2
    Spoils: 2

    Haven't pulled the rest...

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    Immerseus 3
    Protectors 3
    Norushen 2
    Sha 2
    Galakras 2
    Iron Juggernaut 3
    Shamans 2 (3 Tanks)
    Nazgrim 2
    Malkorok 2
    Spoils 2
    Thok 4
    Siegecrafter 2
    Klaxxi 2
    Garrosh 2

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    Your replies will be, and are, all over the place. If everyone in your raid is decent, your hybrids will most likely be what allows you to drop down to two, aside from bosses that are easy to heal with two people or have to be healed that way due to enrage issues.

    We have an enhancement shaman and moonkin in our raid, if it wasn't for them, we'd have three-healed the common three-heal bosses. Of the 9 bosses we killed so far, all of them were two-healed during progression except shamans (and it even looks like they are two-healable). Galakras was absolutely brutal in the first two weeks, so is IJ still on a slightly higher level.

    Our rule of thumb is to try two-healing where ever possible, since it reduces the time spent on boss pulls and the amount of times people can fail to respond to raid mechanics. If people die while healers have mana, either someone made a mistake or the healers lack the neccessary throughput and need to be supported by a hybrid cooldown (Immerseus blob healing, Protectors dark meditation, Galakras burn, IJ siege mode etc). If you only had warlocks, mages and rogues, well then you might want to three-heal.

    One thing that I've learned during SoO was to just ignore what people say has to be two- or three-healed. Fatboss for instance was so damn certain that IJ just had to be 3/4 healed, but we did it with two and I'm sure countless more raids two-healed it without issues as well. Only you know your own raid, only your healers know whether they can deal with the incoming damage or not.

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    We used 3 for Protectors, Galakras, Iron Juggernaut, Shamans, Malkorok Thok and Paragons for our first kills. All of them are 2 man healable though and I would probably suggest 2 healing for Galakras and Paragons.
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    Immerseus: 2/3
    Protectors: 2/3
    Norushen: 2/3
    Sha: 2/3
    Galakras: 2/3
    Iron Jugg: 3 (can also do 4 for lols)
    Shamans: 2/3
    Nazgrim: 2/3
    Malk: 2/3
    Spoils: 2
    Thok: 3
    Siege: 2
    Klaxxi: 2
    Garrosh: 2

    For the ones that are 2/3, you generally dictate it by strength of DPS/Heals teams and # of raid cooldowns/hybrids. Guilds with a lack of hybrid cooldowns tend to struggle more with 2 heals. If you have an absolute goldmine of cooldowns even a fight like Juggernaut is 2 healable.

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    5/14 hc at the moment, only 3-healed Juggernaut so far
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    2 heals for sha, galakras, nazgrim. The the rest of the previous 8 can/should be 3 healed. Don't think there is much lost with 3 healing those. After the first 8 you should in general 2 heal everything but thok (I've heard).

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    We had better results with 3 healers on Norushen with respect to enrage timer, due to the fact that more DPS can get purified at first opportunity wth 3 healers. However your mileage may vary.

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    You definitely want 3 healers for Juggernaut and Thok, at least for first kills. Shamans is usually 3-healed too. 2 healers works well for everything else, though it doesn't hurt to get a third one for some fights if you find yourself struggling (for example Immersius and Protectors) . On Immersius you'll eventually get to the point where dps are doing almost nothing anyway, since most of the adds will be the healing type.

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    On our first kills, here is what we did, and you have to know that when I say 3 healers, it's 2 "real" healers (pal/priest) and 1 offspec (moonkin > rdruid) :
    Immerseus : 2 healers
    Protectors : 3 (don't know why we took 3 of 'em, 2 is clearly enough)
    Norushen : 3 (but it was in week 1 of hm, we only used 2 after the nerf)
    Sha : 2
    Galakras : 2
    Iron Jugg : 3
    Shamans : 2 (we did it once with 3 when 2 of our 3 healers left our guild and had to gear the new one)
    Nazgrim : 2
    Malkorok : 2
    Spoils : 2
    Thok : 2
    Blackfuse : 1 (disci)

    We'll be working on Klaxxi/Garrosh with 2 healers.

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