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    By Lieutenant Colonel Whiskers McBallofur Maximilliamus the Third

    Worth doing all the professions?

    Is it worth doing all the professions or dont bother?
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    Depends on your situation and goals. If you have friends or are in a guild where you can get everything you need done by people you know, I wouldn't bother. Ditto if gold's not an issue for you (you can buy cut gems if you have no JC, etc). If you want to use profs to make gold then you want to figure out how you're doing that and have the relevant profs. For example, if you were doing the ore shuffle you'd want a miner, JC, etc.

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    what clevin says.
    what are your aims and objectives?

    Is it to make loads of gold? Are you prepared to put the time in for leveling or ah activity? How many 90s do you have now? How much are you playing wow?

    Having access to all professions offers you more opporunities to easy cds per day 10 farms, cds. It makes it easy to support one character on those alone.

    If you dont have characters for those professions and they arent leveled then you have to go through all that effort. Is it worth it?

    Professions are much more common these days as people have more characters. They are of litle use if you dont use them. You can curvive with 0 or 2 professions, but it gets handier with 4-6. The real change in wow over the last 3 expansions id think would be multiple characters of the same profession.

    If you want gold cap then you can hit it with 0 or 2 or 4 if you put the time in and utilise whats out there.

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    I quit this summer and now I am back. I have all professions covered. My goal is to collect mounts and some of them take money. So I use my toons to make the gold. The rep to get rare recipes has been a pain for most of them. I have been making some good money on my tailor and JC. I make Scopes for my engineer when I can for more gold. I also like to have all things covered for my raiding toon in that all the enchants, gems, lw etc is done for him so I don't have to buy it or find someone to craft it. My BS just hit level 90 and I was killing Zandalari Warcsouts to get rep tokens. He is almost exalted so I can craft some BS stuff for gold and some weapons for my alts. Next is my LW.

    If you don't mind the rep grind it is worth doing if you need gold or want to be self sufficient. If not then not needed.

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    I do them all and some I do multiple times. There is no particular reason why, I like to experience all of the classes so might as well do the professions as well.

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    Probably not very efficient but there is definitely an incentive if you learn most professions to learn the last ones also.

    In Addition, I sometimes spam Trade Chat with "WTS LFW All Professions Free No Cost/Fee " and link the Achievment which misses one gathering profession and some naggers always whisper "dude you miss that one profession yo"
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    I'd say no. The amount of times you'd use something like LW or ENG to make 1 thing like a shoulder enchant compaired to the gold you'd make every day with a cooldown aren't worth it.

    I 'd say its worth it to have JC, ENCH, and Tailoring other than that just make all your toons have a gathering prof ( so you have something to do while in que ) and alchemy for the daily cooldown.

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    I have most of the professions but not all of them and i have freinds that have the other ones that will help me out when needed

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    i got almost all of them, their fun

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    I have all the useful professions so I don't have to pay other people to do things. Only thing I don't have is my damn BS leveled to be able to do the belt buckle, wish I had leveled him just for that would have saved me well over 20k gold by now in the xpac.

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    Money and Cheevo points. By having top level prof, and mutiple of each, you have the advantage at the start of the expansion to cash in on whatever the hot profession is gonna be. At the start of an expansion I level my main, then my herb/miner to support the other professions. If you have the extra cash, people will sell prof. leveling kits.

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    I have all professions so I can craft almost everything on my own and don't have to go to the AH to buy stuff. It's so much cheaper

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    I say no. Armor professions are ok, but only take you so far. I like j/c, enchanting, and alchemy. You never stop needing any of those. But the armor gets way too hard to produce as an expansion pushes ahead.

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    It does feel very rewarding indeed to have everything available. If you have, say, Skinning and Leatherworking you can just kill some mobs to do your Leg Enchant, or your Scrolls for missing Raid Party buff as opposed to buying them on AH for many hundred gold (or more at Launch in case of Leg Enchant) and it is a lot of fun.

    It may not be as profitable as doing only the max profit Professions on the long run, but it is definitely fun.
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    You may not have to do all of them come WoD. The Garrison post they did stated:

    Several buildings can provide you with access to professions that your character hasn’t mastered—though you won’t have enough plots to put one down for every profession.
    So you may get some of them for free just for playing the game next xpac =)

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