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    Leveling zones advice

    Hi ..
    I am a level 46 blood elf paladin.
    I just finished the Eastern Plaguelands, and took the rocket to the Badlands.
    However, the Badlands is a lvl 44-48 zone. And I am already lvl 46.
    So, is it a good idea if I migrate to the Burning Steppes which is a 49-52 zone once I hit lvl 49 by dungeoning, and complete the Badlands on another character? If so, where do I go to begin questing in the Burning Steppes?

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    Level until 49, then move on. You'll probably have to walk to Burning Steppes, but it's not too far from Badlands.

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    How about the searing gorge? It is a 47-51 zone

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