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  • I just use the farm to collect my resources.

    6 25.00%
  • I just collect resources by mining/herbing/etc.

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  • I do both.

    9 37.50%
  • I don't collect resources/I just by my resources.

    9 37.50%
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    Did the farm change how you collect resources?

    I'm just kind of curious to see if the farm changed how other people collect resources as well.

    Personally the farm has made me lazy, I go collect resources from the farm on 2-3 of my 90s each day rather than collecting resources out in the world.

    In BC, Wrath, and Cata I was a big resource gatherer, flying around going after minerals and herbs all the time.

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    Am not even using mine, gets annoying after a while.

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    i use the farm for hard to find resources like golden lotuses, which i sell for gold, and herbs i use to make inks for inscription.

    but i gathered windwool cloth, enchanting mats and motes of harmony the old fashioned way by AoE farming the PvP-Npcs in Krasarang, those materials can be collected from npcs much faster than they can be gathered by using the Farms.

    I don't really bother with mineral/ore based professions on my characters...

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    if you want leather i suggest you just go to timeless isle and skin all the corpses of all the animals there.
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    I never bother doing the old way of farming because I don't find it fun but I love my farm and use it everyday. I enjoy having my little plot of land in the world, plus it's quick and easy cash. Haveta say, I'm looking forward to garrisons.

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    I used it more at the beginning when Motes where more valuable. I probably visit my farm 2-3 times a month now.

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    I used to use my farm for Mote of Harmony and of course to farm cooking materials...Things like ores/herbs are collected or bought in AH.
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    Well, I first primary used it for something to do so I kept doing the dailies for rep with the Tillers. I also used it to get buff food which I currently have over 50 various things currently.

    I then started using it for Rep for various factions. I am down to just one rep which I'm about 10k away from completing so it shouldn't take too much longer.

    Lastly, I will be using it to help level the various other cooking reps. I've started this already but it will be a bit of a grind.

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    I do both. The farm cannot supply the quantity of flasks/potions I need weekly for raid and my gems go quick when it takes 25 of them to make a single primal diamond.

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    time is money , i let farmers do the farming and buy stuff in bulks form ah/trade

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