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    Gearing Decision Help

    Hey Guys,

    I normally have no issue making my gearing choices but I'm really stumped on this one. I am currently using the neck from normal spoils (Spi/Mastery). Last night I got the heroic neck from Sha (Spi/Haste). Neither are warforged.

    When I run new neck through askmrrobot (Optimized) these are the stat changes that occur.

    Stam + 264 (Slightly more survivability)
    Spirit -51 (9979 vs 10030, so slightly closer to my 10k spirit mark)
    Mastery -.48% (58.25 vs 58.73)
    Crit -.08% (44.13 vs 44.21)
    Spell Pwr + 195
    Haste +1.47% (8.07 vs 6.6, To my knowledge this hits no additional break points for Disc...)

    So what do you all think, is the slightly increased dps/hps (implied worse regen) from the haste increase worth the hit to mastery and crit. I also gain the raw SP and Stam due to the ilvl (I always value survivability). I wish haste would just delete itself from gear! (Sorry Shadow Priests)

    Oh also epeen boost 574ilvl to 575ilvl upgrade! lawl (Not actually taken into consideration... maybe)

    Thanks for the help!

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    What are you? A disc / holy /spriest?

    If you're disc, keep anything with more crit especially if 25m
    If you're spirest go with what gives you more 2ndary stats overall, especially if you've reached the gcd cap
    If you're holy haste is always tasty anyways, just reforge out of other stats as needed plus int is more valuable

    Mastery yields more value than haste for a disc priest. I'd personally run with the normal one UNLESS the heroic one was going to be sharded.

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    Sorry, should have been more clear on my spec.

    Disc and 10 man for the first time this expansion... So the added DPS gain is slightly more valuable in this setting. And though I would tend to agree max crit whenever possible, since I only lose .08% crit it's really a .5% mastery for 1.5% haste plus some stam/SP trade.

    Maybe at this point it doesn't really matter, but hey what else do you have to do at the end of tier but try to optimize your char. If our shaman wasn't still wearing a ToT neck and in line for spoils I'd just hold out, but I may not get my heroic spoils neck for a while : / Especially now that I'm dealing with 10 man loot over 25 man.

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    Are you 2 healing?

    SP at this point is fairly null, crit/mastery will be more valuable. I can't imagine other than dps why you'd want haste. With BT you can easily get 3 (or more! I have 500 something haste...) SS + PoH casts out.

    Also, if your co-healer has a ToT neck, it's far more valuable for raid HPS for him to have such a major upgrade. More so than you squeaking out even 1-5k more dps.
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    We have a shaman/paly/priest though we 2 heal depending on the needs of the fight (I suppose I'll probably always be one of the healers as disc). I had a suspicion the mastery/crit was worth more than the haste but I was hoping to hear otherwise so I could guilt free take the epeen ilvl boost. Thanks for the answers.

    The guy with the ToT neck always has a ToT weapon and ironically I rolled the heroic neck that I don't really need and the pally rolled the heroic mace off shamans which he doesn't need. RNG...

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    Yeah I hate the be the bearer of bad news.

    If you're that concerned about damage, you can take the glyph of smite and mindbender before sniping loots from your friends.

    RNG is a bitch and can die in a fire. We're working on spoils and I have a 561 ilvl, so ... while I wish I had sympathy for you....

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