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    Spec Specific Titles

    Just what the title says, what if we had spec specific titles? I think that would be neat, just a glance at a player could tell you what spec they are.

    Unholy DK- Name, the Unholy.
    Frost DK- Name, the Frozen. (Or, the Cold-Hearted).
    Blood DK- Name, The Bloody.

    Guardian Druid- Name, the Guardian.
    Feral Druid- Name, the Feral.
    Balance Druid- Name, the Balanced.
    Resto Druid- Name, the Lifegiver.

    Survival Hunter- Name, the Survivalist.
    Markman Hunter- Name, the Marksman.
    BM Hunter- Name, the Beast Master.

    Arcane Mage- Name, the Wise.
    Fire Mage- Name, the Hot-headed.
    Frost Mage- Name, the Cool-headed.

    Brewmaster Monk- Name, the Brew-wielder. (unless brewmaster doubled up)
    Windwalker Monk- Name, the Windwalker.
    Mistweaver Monk- Name, the Mistweaver. (Or Of the mists)

    Prot Paladin- Name, the Holy Defender.
    Ret Paladin- Name, hand of Retribution.
    Holy Paladin- Name, the lightbringer. (I would really like a "The Lightbringer" title.

    Disc Priest- Name, Shield of light.
    Shadow Priest- Name, the Shadowed.
    Holy Priest- Name, the divine.

    Subtlety Rogue- Name, the Hidden Blade.
    Assassination Rogue- Name, the Assassin.
    Combat Rogue- Name, the Combatant. (Or The Duelist)

    Ench Shaman- Name, the Lava Fist.
    Resto Shaman- Name, the Wavebinder.
    Ele Shaman- Name, of the Elements.

    Destro Warlock- Name, the Burninator. (Or more practically, "the Engulfed")
    Affliction Warlock- Name, the Afflicted.
    Demonology Warlock- Name, the Demonologist.

    Prot Warrior- Name, the Protector.
    Arms Warrior- Name, the Armsmaster. (Or Armsmaster Name)
    Fury Warrior- Name, the Furious.

    Just some ideas. Maybe could work. Thoughts?

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    For warrior i'd rather see: Berserker (for fury) and Blademaster (for arms). As for prot it's nice but i prefer title before name. Also sub rogue could use Stalker

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