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    Deathknight vs Monk: Which was Implemented Better?

    I like Monk a little bit better; not a big fan of the rune system for dks, it feels really limiting. Unlike Warlock or Shadow Priest for example where you can dot all the things and do crazy dps.

    In regards to Monks I only played the Mistweaver spec seriously, the main problem I had with it is that you can't really choose who you want to heal effectively (Renewing Mists). I hope they fix that for WoD, but besides that it's a really fun class.

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    Monk, the QQ when DKs were introduced still rings in my ears to this day.

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    Monks were implemented better probably, but I personally like how death knights play. DK's were OP at release which made PvP very wonky and starting at level 55 was a mistake in my opinion.

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    Implemented better or plays better? Monks were without a doubt implemented better. Shadow of Death, so many tears.

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    Monks were absolutely implemented better. Death Knights were vastly imbalanced at release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggoo View Post
    Implemented better or plays better? Monks were without a doubt implemented better. Shadow of Death, so many tears.
    Well "plays better" kind of depends on the player, so you can decide.

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    Monk DKs went through many iterations in both pvp and pve before they felt like a normal class, the all 3 specs can tank/dps was a neat idea but it never really worked out. PvP? The one button macro, the scourge strike spam, raise undead, corpse explosion etc. Monks have their annoyances but they are in a much better position than DKs were.
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    Deathknight by a landslide. However the balance was a tad... off.

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    Monks felt a lot better at launch then DKs
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    imho - Monk was implemented better.

    However, DKs are much cooler Blizz just tried to do too much with DKs during their implementation, and it became a nightmare.

    If the question was "which class do you like more?", then I would pick DK - by a huge margin. They are just much more fun to play.

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    balance wise, monks. long are the days I wish unholy is as godly as it was when Wrath launched.

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    Lorewise Death knight. Gameplay monks.
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    Death Knights were. Everyone wants to complain about the gameplay aspect and balance of Death Knights but such aspects are always mutable. Death Knights actually had well developed and proper lore for their class in the expansion they were introduced, the story behind them their starting area etc. Blizz decided warlocks needed lore instead of Monks in MoP, and Monks arguably will have no other place for proper development outside of Pandaria (unlike idiot locks). Monks just had random pandas showing up everywhere, anachronistically even (wth Panda saw Exodar crash?) and they all draw power from Celestials but never encounter any until they get to Pandaria at 85. Even then nothing much there for them. A big disappointment over all. Locks got a class quest they didn't need nor deserve with all the love they got with buffs and OP gameplay additions while Monks got an XP bonus. At least monks are way more fun to play than locks ever have been or ever will be.

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    In terms of gameplay anybody saying DK is looking through rose tinted glasses.

    Holy shit original DKs were the most OP class since they had that short period in Vanilla where paladins could murder you in seconds and solo Lord Kazzak.

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    Death Knights were severaly broken in the beginning of Wrath, Monks had some broken abilites & some were OP. But they were implemented very well & Blizzard learned from the past.

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    When I hear the term "implementation" I tend to think about it in terms of mechanics and system, which in my mind the Monk class wins handily. DK's suffered deep imbalance issues, mechanical problems with their skills, an unclear sense of focus for their talents, skill roulette until they were finally in a good place, and even a partial rewrite to their core mechanisms (the great Rune cost/functionality changes in mid-Wrath) to bring them in line. Monks, at their opening, had only a few scaling issues and the need for some internal skills re-balancing during their implementation. Of course, the DK was also WoW's first new class - so I imagine Blizzard learned many lessons about what a new class means for WoW that they applied to the release of the Monk class.

    Lore-wise, I think the DK wins out. The opening class-specific quests and self-contained starting experience for DK's was simply top notch and hasn't really been duplicated for any of the other classes (I think it would be a great idea for the future, both to promote the creation of alts and just to flesh out the history of the game world). Their lore and its many tie-ins to the events of Wrath aren't really echoed by the Monk experience in MoP, I'm of the opinion that being a Monk going through the MoP leveling zones and quests should just a touch more special than the other classes. Of course, the trade-off for DK's now is that they kind of seem disconnected from the game world as a whole... their story seems kind of finished with the events of Wrath yet they persist in the game without any real focus (although you can't focus on all the classes all the time).
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    DK by a mile. Though, the rune system change between WotLK and Cataclysm somewhat ruined the class.

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    Monk by ten thousand miles. DKs were overpowered for more than a year after they were added.
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    They learned a lot from the DK fracas so Monk implementation was way less disruptive to the game. In some respects DKs remain gamebreakingly OP to this day, eg soloing.

    However I have to say I kind of prefer my DK to my Monk so far. I find my Monk's abilities surprisingly cluttered considering it's a brand new class.

    Not that there aren't awesome things about Monks, eg the totally ridiculous mobility.
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    The Deathknight lore was so enjoyable at the expansion launch. It felt unique having the Lich King command you and then cast you aside to die, only to have you come back. The starting area was very cool (the first time) and overall a very cool start to the Northrend experience.

    As for imbalance - of course, DK's had issues, but it was also the first implementation of a "hero" class.

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