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    In what order do you inspect people?

    I just had this conversation with a few guildies and I thought it might be interesting to see what other people do.

    When I usually inspect someone, I always start from left to right. Meaning I start with the helm > work down the left side > weapons > trinkets > gloves.

    In what order do you guys inspect?

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    Weapons > Trinkets > Skim the rest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GwiGwi View Post
    I just had this conversation with a few guildies and I thought it might be interesting to see what other people do.

    When I usually inspect someone, I always start from left to right. Meaning I start with the helm > work down the left side > weapons > trinkets > gloves.

    In what order do you guys inspect?
    Depends why I'm inspecting: For good looking transmogs I just look at the pieces I like.

    For considering pug raiders I check IL first, then I plug them into askmrrobot and see if they are trying to optimize.

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    I don't anymore. I'm in a good guild that raids, and we don't pug, so why bother inspecting anymore?
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    Helm to bracers, weapons, hands to trinkets.

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    I just noticed I inspect kinda weird. I do top right down, top left down, then weapons.
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    Compare Achievements > inspect eq
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    I scroll until I find their names on Recount. Only if they have been spouting off at the mouth in the run. "17K dps warriors don't have room to talk"...

    Oh, that's not what you mean?

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    Shoulders > Helmet > Weapon > Offhand > Cloak > Everything else

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    I usually inspect the item slot, that I am going to roll against him/her if it (hopefully) drops this time
    In particular, when it is offspec upgrade for me and main spec upgrade for him/her.

    I have hunted for Pit Lord Destroyer from WoE for months, and any time it dropped we had a Ret Paladin, Fury/Arms Warrior or DK who needed it more than me...

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    The reason I inspect is always to answer a specific question so I just look at whatever item will answer that question for me.
    If I need to look at all of them for whatever reason I go from the top-left to bottom-left, then top-right to bottom-right and then finally the weapons.

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    I don't inspect at all unless we're pugging someone in a raid which isn't often. I trust my guildies enough to have them need only what they can really use, on vent it's just "roll if you need it". If I found out one of us wasn't gemmed or enchanted I would have to slap a hoe. Especially since we provide them at no cost if you can't afford it yourself.

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    Weapon > Trinkets > Tier if I'm curious what they're actually wearing. Mostly just for transmog though...

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    mostly weapons, if I think it looks cool, and dunno where it's from(wowhead its name), in any other situation it's mostly going from gloves down to trinkets - weps - bracers up to head, and tabard/shirt, do not forget those two.

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    Have this addon called inspect fix. Shows the average ilvl of the person. Might be Elvui that does it? Not sure got both addons at the same time.

    So, I check the ilvl in the bottom right corner, Cloak (you legendary bro?), Weapons, Trinkets, skim the rest.

    Edit: Unless I see some cool transmog, then obviously I'm just checking what they transmogged the stuff I like to. Which can be in any random order.
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    I just check for gems and enchants. If they have a cool transmog I might check the pieces they are using.

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    I only usually inspect for specific information or transmog pieces so it varies on what I'm looking for. Sometimes I inspect just to see the character bigger

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    I generally only look at the pieces I was interested in seeing what it was. The rest, eh. I don't tend to inspect people in any intention of judging for worthiness.

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    Weapon, then shoulders, helm, and whatever else. The only reason I inspect anyone is if they're the same class as me and smoking me on the meters, or if they have an xmog I haven't seen yet.
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    I don't even know anymore.
    I can't remember the last time I bothered inspecting anyone, personally.
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