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  • Hellfire Peninsula

    72 22.86%
  • Borean Tundra

    24 7.62%
  • Howling Fjord

    113 35.87%
  • Hyjal

    22 6.98%
  • Vash'jir

    49 15.56%
  • Jade Forest

    35 11.11%
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    Hellfire peninsula , pure Warcraft

    the music , the scenario = immersion

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Hellfire, no question.
    I hate(d) Hellfire so much. Sure, it felt somewhat epic...but I still absolutely cannot stand the whole setting of it, let alone the quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolliepop View Post
    i'm probably one of few, but my favorite was definitely vash'jir. i wish they hadn't cancelled that raid... :/ borean would be my second favorite because i love snowy environments.
    Woo! We're the only two who voted Vash.

    I loved Howling Fjord a lot, too, but Vash was just stunning. The underwater combat was so much better than I expected, and I loved the scenery/questlines.

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    For me it would go:

    Hellfire Peninsula > Mount Hyjal > Borean Tundra > Howling Fjord > Jade Forest > Vash'jir

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    Have to go with Jade Forest
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    Quote Originally Posted by nolliepop View Post
    i'm probably one of few, but my favorite was definitely vash'jir. i wish they hadn't cancelled that raid... :/ borean would be my second favorite because i love snowy environments.
    I don't hate vash'jir nearly as much now as I did the first time through it. The storyline is great but I still find it too slow to level an alt through. Borean suffers the same issues that hellfire did to me. After the first push there's no real immediate threat to push you forward.
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    I LOVED Borean Tundra. I really felt like I was stepping into an adventure and didn't know what we'd find. And to me, the quests were really engaging.

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    Hellfire was majestic and totally nailed the transfer to another world (and to a new chapter of game) perfectly. Borean Tundra was quite great but it started the whole you are hero quest shlick where you are being put against increasingly infeasible odds but when translated to gameplay you could do it eyes closed. Howling Fjord was a bit too "gentle" start for expansion like Wrath.

    Now Hyjal, this place was terrible. It was like a chapter from Knaak's books and the "quality" of the writing well reflected it, what with going on with the tone set by the pre-Cata event in which the "impending end of the world" shit was pulled straight out of comedy-comic.

    In comparison, Vashjir was excellent. It was beautiful, it explored often forgotten bits of WoW lore and gave a nice sneak peek to the history of the area along with imaginative creatures you would commune with. Main questline wasn't entirely derp either which for Cata standards is quite the achievement.

    As for Pandaria, I loved the Horde start but the Alliance one felt a bit bland.

    Overall order would be:

    Horde Pandaria
    Borean Tundra
    Howling Fjord
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    Vashj'ir and Hellfire.

    Pretty much the question I had to ask myself was: What starting zones are even bearable enough to play through multiple times?

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    Hellfire Peninsula >>>>>>>>>>>> Mount Hyjal > Howling Fjord > Vash'jir >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Borean Tundra > Jade Forest

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    Quote Originally Posted by liam78 View Post
    Hellfire Peninsula >>>>>>>>>>>> Mount Hyjal > Howling Fjord > Vash'jir >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Borean Tundra > Jade Forest
    Howling Fjord hands down. The music, the feel, the overall just came together so well.

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    I'm with the howling fjord pick too. Borean tundra had its moments, but it lost that in other areas and design, where as the fjord was amazing all the way though, infact, its the only zone i love to just dismount and run around in even when I can fly, the music, the trees, the icy hills in the distance, it didn't feel saturated like other zones.

    My fav order.

    Howling Fjord - Borean Tundra - Jade Forest - Vash'hir - Hellfire - Hyjal


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    Vashj'ir was awesome for first experiencing it. Shame the rest of the expansion wasn't as good.
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    I loved hellfire, seeing that huge pitlord and the battle going on at the dark portal was awesome.

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    Hellfire because of the sheer feeling of scale and intensity...

    Howling Fjord for the environment and lore.

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    Vashj'ir because fighting for my life alongside Legionnaire Nazgrim felt like one hell of a fight. They did a great job making an amazingly beautiful zone, and yet contrasting that with the questing, that made you feel like it was a seat of your pants battle where you were the underdog the entire time.
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    Easily Vash'jir. Jade Forest comes in second.

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    Howling Fjord and Hellfire are both the best so far, and it's really painful to choose one over the other...

    but Hellfire holds a special place in my heart... so I went with that. I still remenber passing through the Dark Portal for the first time..

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    Can a new Race starting Zone count?
    Cause Hands-down, Gilneas is my favorite (race) starting zone of all time (well currently)

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    Loved, loved, loved Howling Fjord.

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