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  • Hellfire Peninsula

    72 22.86%
  • Borean Tundra

    24 7.62%
  • Howling Fjord

    113 35.87%
  • Hyjal

    22 6.98%
  • Vash'jir

    49 15.56%
  • Jade Forest

    35 11.11%
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    Borean Tundra because of the Northern Lights. Hellfire comes really close tho and honorable mentions go out to Vash'jir.

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    Hellfire wins because I started in BC and wanted to get to OL so badly. Honestly I have enjoyed all of the starter zones besides Vash'ir.
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    Hellfire peninsula without a doubt. If you didn't play when that was released then you missed out, it was epic. My 2nd pick would probably have to be Vashjr. Not because it's a good zone mind you, because it was a pain to level in, but it was probably the coolest looking zone they've ever made and one of the most creative.

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    Definatly Howling Fjord. Loved that boatride from Menethil Harbor when i was still playing alliance. Seeing those icebergs for the first time and the overall atmosphere was perfect.

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    Howling Fjord or Jade Forest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narna View Post
    I know general consensus is that Vash'jir sucked, and everyone goes the Hyjal route, but when I leveled through Vash'jir it was amazing, the story, the atmosphere and just the sheer scope of the zone, since it was swimming enabled, it was just so awesome.
    Vashjir is controversial.
    At first I completed it on my priest and it was PAINFUL. Getting lost all the time, problems getting used to the 3D stuff, experiencing several bugs (been there on release day of course), difficult roundtrips to the main cities...
    Then later I came back on a druid. Bugs gone, zones known, instant swimming form - well, it was all super great fun, best designed zones ever

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    First 15 seconds goes to Hellfire, to this day.

    Overall, Vashj'ir. Don't know what all the negative fuss is about, I love that place.

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    Howling Fjord by far: The vibe, the music, the quests, everything... was just an epic experience.
    After trying both Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, I always leveled my alts in Howling.

    Summing it up:
    Howling Fjord > Vash'jir > Jade Forest > Borean Tundra > Hyjal > Hellfire Peninsula.

    Hellfire was just... well.. hell.. was tiresome and for the life of me, there was no safe-route to avoid constant badgering by mobs... dazed... dazed... dazed...

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    Vashj'ir. It started out a little slow, okay it started out stupidly slow, and the quest to get in bugged out on me on launch day, but it just had this wicked epic feel to it. Once it got going it didn't stop. And Throne of the Tides was probably my favourite 5 man of all time too. (Barring waiting 5 minutes for the damn elevator). But the whole zone had this crazy feeling of being somewhere you really weren't supposed to be.
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    Hellfire Peninsula without a doubt. Entering through the Dark Portal into Outland was one of the most Epic moments in this game.

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    hmm, Hellfire was great, Entering through the Dark Portal for the first time was epic but, there are no other starting areas in Outland and I leveled so many alts, know...
    Same for Jade Forest..

    I would say Vash'jir, but there are too many quests in there that aren't as much enjoyable, so..Howling Fjord Horde side was the most epic for me...
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    Tie between Howling Fjord and Hyjal. Nordrassil in full scale is epic and the story line to bring the Ancients back from the Emerald Dream was a lot of good lore. Howling Fjord gets all visual points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikkarus View Post
    hmm, I would say Vash'jir, but there are too many quests in there that aren't as much enjoyable, so..Howling Fjord Horde side...
    Yeah but you really have to admit; Ignoring the cheese-ball quests (I mean honestly, all zones have cheese-ball quests) Vash was probably the most atmospheric zone they ever came up with.

    EDIT: Somebody needs to make a poll about which cheeseball quest chain was the best.
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    Underwater world was something completely different and amazing. Colours, water, plants.... Sometimes I just have to go back to mine some ores, because it is sooooo beautiful.

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    Hellfire was amazing cause you were catapulted into front lines straight away. A place of war. Perfect.
    Still though. Nothing for me beats that masterpiece that is howling fjord. Breathtaking. The quests are great too.

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    Hellfire Peninsula without a doubt. Entering through the Dark Portal into Outland was one of the most Epic moments in this game.
    This is true. Epic moment.
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    I was going to say Hellfire because of the music with the trumpet solo (iconic Outland music, if you ask me).

    But then I remembered all the music of Vashj'ir. Definitely have to go with the latter.

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    Howling fjord vs Vash'jir.. gotta go with Vash'jir! Howling fjord reminds me of home, but Vash'jir was just so full of amazing new things to explore and hidden treassures!

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    Hellfire is by far the best for me

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    Where are Eversong Woods and Azuremyst Isle ? I voted for Howling Fjor just because Eversong Woods is missing from the poll .

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    I really liked Hellfire! Such a devasted area, them feels!
    Also, Vashjir was awesome. The whole experience being underwater while questing was just really nice, such calm envoirment.
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