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  • Hellfire Peninsula

    72 22.86%
  • Borean Tundra

    24 7.62%
  • Howling Fjord

    113 35.87%
  • Hyjal

    22 6.98%
  • Vash'jir

    49 15.56%
  • Jade Forest

    35 11.11%
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    lol people really voting Hellfire Peninsula?
    Horrible, ugly zone with everyone there at same time.
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    Hellfire for me lived that zone and still enjoy passing through it now

    A lot have said howling Fjord but I can't really comment there since I've always gone to borean tundra

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    Vashj'ir by far. Beautiful zone with very few people, just how I like them.

    Honourable mention to Jade Forest for not making me slit my wrist like Boring Tundra and Hellfire did. (I've never done Howling Fjord so can't really say anything about it.)
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    Oh that is a tough question!

    I'll always have a soft spot for Hellfire, but that IS mostly from a nostalgic 'I was so excited at the time' kinda thing. Other zones are prettier (both in style and graphics) and play better... But because it has been so unchanged, you HAVE to do that starting zone, and because I've done it so many times I know it so well, both horde and alliance versions.

    Howling Fjord has to be up there, looks so glorious, the quests, for the most part, flowed nicely and were diverse enough to keep entertained, definitely prefered it over Borean Tundra! (kinda upset that on my current monk play through I ended up in borean tundra without thinking about it, would much rather have done howling fjord..)

    With the Cata starting zones it was less clear cut, I was pretty excited for leveling my druid main through Hyjal, And it did look nice and all that, the quests flowed near perfectly around the zone without needless travelling etc. But I think its downside is that its too long, by the end of it you're just like "I'm done, can we not just move on already" But I'm not sure what it is thats missing, it felt like just trudging through quests, rather than the immersive wonderfest it should've been... But I did prefer it over Vash'jir (though i'm not an underwater zone hater, but there was bits in Vash'jir that bugged me)

    And last, but not least, Jade Forest, Another zone I really like! Scenery is beautiful, quests are a bit more immersive and they're interestingly varied and fun. I prefered the Jinyu quest hub to the Hozen one though.

    So from worst to favourite:

    Borean Tundra
    Jade Forest

    and tied for first

    Hellfire Peninsula and Howling Fjord.

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    Howling Fjord by far!
    Amazing zone, nice quests, nice music and the most important thing of all, Vrykuls, my favourite race in the game

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    Howling Fjord EASILY. Why, you might ask?

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    I actually really really liked Hyjal, one of my favorite zones to level in, and one of the only starting zones I like.

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    Hellfire as it was on release. The PvP objectives meant it had good world PvP without much ganking. The Fel Reavers gave a nice sense of the place being dangerous. The group quests were also well done: you were encouraged to find a group to get better rewards, but they weren't really required for anything so you didn't have to do them if you didn't want to.

    It's much less impressive if you do it now, as the group quests and world PvP relied on there being lots of people. The world PvP there also got less interesting when the PvP quests became daily instead of endlessly repeatable.
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    This will be Vash Jir. That was the first zone i went and that i was impressed by it.
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    Howling Fjord because of the amazing music and surroundings. Jade Forest is a close second with the most beautiful place in-game, Dawn's Blossom.

    The rest I don't particularly care for. In fact, Hellfire with it's ganking and super grindy quests can just go away.

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    Hellfire Peninsula and Borean Tundra both as horde were amazing and polished

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    Howling Fjord nostalgia aside, Jade Forest had AWESOME questlines and atmosphere imho. Was really impressed (my expectations were really low though haha)

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    Vashj'ir because it was something completely new to WoW mechanics...

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    People who voted for Hellfire must have forgotten about Hellboars lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demartan View Post
    Howling Fjord nostalgia aside, Jade Forest had AWESOME questlines and atmosphere imho. Was really impressed (my expectations were really low though haha)
    Awesome quest lines.... In jade forest? *blink blink*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    I hate(d) Hellfire so much. Sure, it felt somewhat epic...but I still absolutely cannot stand the whole setting of it, let alone the quests.

    But hellfire still wins for me. I hate the questing there with a passion. But the zones look and the fact the dark portal music + when your first stepped through blew my frigging MIND. I was finally on the one place I always wanted to go since wc2. In WC3 outland was shown and I was like cool the orc homeworld survived in some way. Now with WoD we get to see what it would have been like if WC2 never happened

    Jade forest is a close 2nd. It has better presentation quest flow better quests. The cinematics added that extra depth to it. the way the phasing works made the zone a huge step up. If hellfire didnt have the nostalgia and dark portal entrance music for me I would have had this as number 1

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    Howling Ford for me, an amazing starting experience for both factions.

    I don't really get why Hellfire is getting so much love, the whole zone is completely bland, way too many kill 10 Y quests, and both factions have pretty much all the same quests. The lore was also pretty bad

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    Hellfire FELT the coolest to me, but Howling Fjord looks and had an incredible feel aswell.

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    Torn between Howling Fjord and Hellfire Peninsula.
    Howling Fjord was beautiful, varied and I loved the boat ride in. Quests were fun. Hellfire when I stepped through the dark portal was epic, majestic in a barren, hostile wasteland sort of way. I voted Howling Fjord because I think that stayed entertaining all the way through, whereas I think Hellfire was all about the introduction.
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    i'm gonna go with howling fjord too.

    although elwynn forrest > all tbh ;p

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