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  • Hellfire Peninsula

    72 22.86%
  • Borean Tundra

    24 7.62%
  • Howling Fjord

    113 35.87%
  • Hyjal

    22 6.98%
  • Vash'jir

    49 15.56%
  • Jade Forest

    35 11.11%
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    Your favorite expansion starting zones

    Going along from favourite end zones, I figured why not ask about those starting zones we all come to do as well.
    I'm excluding any character starting zone because theres far to many to fit on a list including expansion zones, so forgetting all character start zones, and dk ones, which expansion starting zone did you like the most, perhaps the first time you did it or still look forward to getting to now.

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    Howling Fjord, for both factions.

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    I loved Hellfire... Dodging fel reavers, it really had an epic feel when you went through the portal!

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    Howling Fjord, no doubt. Perfect atmosphere and stunning music.

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    Jade Forest is super amazing.

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    Really hard between Howling Fjord and Jade Forest, god that Jade Forest intro was amazing.

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    Team Borean Tundra checking in. The spider Nerubians and just feeling of frozen wasteland was amazing.

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    Verry close tie betwenn hellfire peninsula and vashj'ir... but hellfire won.

    Hellfire was rather rough when it got released, had the first group quests (damn that trinket quest) and it had a great feeling of immersion of the world we were getting in. It's probably one of my favorite zones.

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    I'd say I remember Howling Fjord with the most Nostalgia, but Jade forest is pretty much the single most well-made zone in the game, so... I'm kind of torn.
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    Howling Fjord. Awesome environment and music.

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    Voted for Howling Fjord, but Hellfire Peninsula is a close second for me.

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    I liked Howling Fjord but I cant vote for it because I only did it once since it was less efficient then Borean Tundra.

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    I'm thinking Hyjal. I liked the scope and story of the zone, all the ancients returning and whatnot.

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    I actually really loved Hyjal, though I know a lot of people didn't.

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    Hyjal, because I always wanted to go there.

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    Borean Tundra, I pretty much always choose that for my characters when leveling.

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    Hellfire, no question.

    HF gets a fairly distant second, though is pretty cool in its own right.
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    i'm probably one of few, but my favorite was definitely vash'jir. i wish they hadn't cancelled that raid... :/ borean would be my second favorite because i love snowy environments.

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    Hellfire was absolutely amazing when you crossed through the portal. The rest of the zone ground to a halt pretty quickly tho. Once the initial quests were over it felt like you were in a wasteland with no feeling of immediacy. It was fun dodging the Fel Reaver tho. Howling Fjord really felt like you were diving in and fighting the Lich King's army through the entire zone. It certainly had its slow points but it felt much more epic to me than hellfire did. This may have been because I had about three weeks of leveling to do to get to hellfire when it opened and was able to hit fjord right away.
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    Hellfire was epic!

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