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  • Hellfire Peninsula

    72 22.86%
  • Borean Tundra

    24 7.62%
  • Howling Fjord

    113 35.87%
  • Hyjal

    22 6.98%
  • Vash'jir

    49 15.56%
  • Jade Forest

    35 11.11%
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    Hellfire Peninsula was awesome. I stayed there all the way to 63, almost 64 on my first trip through back at BC launch.

    I liked Borean Tundra, but after doing it on 10-12 characters (plus beta on 2-3 characters!) I just absolutely cannot stand it. The Nexus island area triggers my gag reflex to this day. I find it really ironic that it's quest achievement is called "Nothing Boring about Borean". I beg to differ!

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    Howling Fjord without a doubt. The atmosphere, the music... It was like I could *smell* the sharp, cold northen air.
    Jade Forest is a very close second.

    Though every zone had something going for it, though.
    - Stepping through the Dark Portal for the first time was amazing. (Seeing the red lands of Outland that you knew from War3 or War2, looking back at how immensely large the Dark Portal was from Outland's side...)
    - Mount Hyjal living up to the nature-ashenvale-esque expectations and seeing the layout in the present from what you knew of Mount Hyjal's past (in the TBC raid)...
    - Vashjir's story being pretty awesome that, for the first time ever, you really, *really* felt in over your head and suffering several defeats and setbacks just because you were *definitely* in Naga territory and they had the upper hand in this environment...

    Only one I never really got into was Boring Tundra. Though I liked Coldarra.
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    Jade Forest. It's a beautiful zone, loved the flow of most of the quests, and it was a herbalists dream.

    If all of them had the same quality of graphics, I probably would have went with Hyjal instead. Ysera hotness

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    Hellfire Peninsula, Howling Fjord, and Vashj'ir from this list are great. I loved these zones so much when I go through them, I love to do them over and over. Odd, because some of the zones in those expansions just bore the shit out of me.
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    I loved Hyjal, and it is still one of the zones i look forward to while leveling.

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    Trassk where is the LK DK starting zone option? That was the funnest starting zone I ever seen in the expansions. I had a blast with that starting zone!

    Besides this I guess it would be howling Fjord, that was fun too. Jade Forest was also pretty fun, but Dk starting zone was by far the best for me.

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    A close tie between Vashj'ir and Howling Fjord.

    I really appreciated them doing something different with Vashj'ir, and I thought movement underwater was very convenient with the speed buffs and underwater mount that you got.

    Howling Fjord had the music, the atmosphere, and some great quests. All around great starting zone.

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    Hellfire Peninsula is so epic even tho I have went through it so many times, it has so much Warcraft in it...

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    Was I the only person ever to like Borean Tundra? The place had an atmosphere, and the fact that most players avoided it added to its desolate feeling. Plus there were some excellent quest lines there.

    But I concede, Howling Fjord is the best expansion starting zone. Just hands down, especially on Alliance side. That intro on the boat hasn't been bested by any expansion since.

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    Jade forest, hated howling fjord and hellfire. Borean was ''okay''.

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    Hyjal followed by Jade Forest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Going along from favourite end zones, I figured why not ask about those starting zones we all come to do as well.
    I'm excluding any character starting zone because theres far to many to fit on a list including expansion zones, so forgetting all character start zones, and dk ones, which expansion starting zone did you like the most, perhaps the first time you did it or still look forward to getting to now.
    jade forest. after a couple of quests, it really opens up to be done in any order, it's got some different quests rather than just kill x, collect y etc. also big props to DK starting zone, would be my favourite but it makes me have to play a DK so... yeah. loses points for that xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goretex View Post
    Trassk where is the LK DK starting zone option? That was the funnest starting zone I ever seen in the expansions. I had a blast with that starting zone!

    Besides this I guess it would be howling Fjord, that was fun too. Jade Forest was also pretty fun, but Dk starting zone was by far the best for me.

    He said just expansion starting zones that everyone has been through. Listing each individual zone (BE, NE, Human, DK, etc.) would have taken up too much space.

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    Howling Fjord, no doubt in my mind. Though part of my likes hellfire, just becasue it was so damn different from anything else in the game up till that point, if for no other reason the sky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysia View Post
    Woo! We're the only two who voted Vash.

    I loved Howling Fjord a lot, too, but Vash was just stunning. The underwater combat was so much better than I expected, and I loved the scenery/questlines.
    I completely agree. Vash was beautiful, the quests were a lot of fun, and we got a seahorse to ride!

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    Howling Fjord is the best zone WoW has to offer. If I wanted to convince people to join the game, that's the zone I'd invite them to play through.

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    Howling Fjord and Jade Forest are almost equal to me but Fjord always has my love.

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    The good ones: Hellfire, Vashjir, Howling Fjord and Jade Forest. (no particular order)
    The bad ones: Hyjal, Borean Tundra

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