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    How many buffs/debuffs do you show? (Tank)

    Hi all, I've tanked since WoTLK but I've always used XPerl. I don't really need to configure anything on it since its an install and forget addon. However, I've recently change to LUI and I'm liking it.

    This is how I have it set at the moment: http://i.imgur.com/02uhecx.jpg
    I made it look similar to Xperl because i've tried to change to SUF / Pitbull etc before, and never been able to complete the transition. I always feel like it's too different - so I'm trying to change my UI to a more minimal approach in intervals.

    One question is how many buffs / debuffs do you think, I, as a tank need to display? At the moment I have it sent to 8 buffs, 8 debuffs.

    I'm just wondering if you think that's okay, or if I should show more/less?


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    Assuming you have mass rez and sated/exhaustion/displacement/insanity filtered, you rarely need more than 3 player debuffs.
    You also rarely need more than 3 target buffs (unless you're PvPing, in which case, ?????)
    Player buffs/target debuffs will depend on your spec and how you watch your buffs, but it's probably hard to watch more than 5-6 at a time anyways.

    As far as focus and targettarget, it really depends on your playstyle and when you actually check those.

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    Personally I have none of each showing and just have big Weak Auras for the important buff/debuffs per each encounter.

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    Apaz … as a long-time tank I've only worried about three types of buffs/debuffs, and there is usually only ever one up at a time:

    1. Buff on the boss/mob I am tanking
    2. Debuff on me or my off-tank
    3. Debuffs on the boss/mob I am tanking that I can cast (or that I can cast that are mutually exclusive to my buff)

    The first two are the most important as they require immediate intervention typically. Because of that, for #1 I show Buffs on the target unitframe (typically a boss) at double the size of Debuffs (so it is very noticeable). And likewise, for #2, I show Debuffs on target-of-target unit frames (typically an off-tank) at double the size of Buffs (so it is also very noticeable). I do this via Pibull, but I am sure other unitframe add ons can do the same.

    As for #3, I use TellMeWhen to help me track/coordinate those.

    But to answer your question, I only ever see six buffs or debuffs maximum on a unit frame (that's all that fits for my UI).

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