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    Help us on Garrosh pls - 10 man normal

    Hi, if anyone who is experienced with the Garrosh fight 10man normal and has the time to mooch through our logs and give advice on what we are doing wrong, we would be very grateful. Any advice welcome, don't be scared to name players as advice/criticism will only make us better. Thank you.

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    1) You're 3-healing, generally a big "no-no".
    2) Both of the resto druids are extremely weak, it'd seem.
    3) Your DPSers seem weak all around (without going to armouries to check gear), except for Warhawkz.
    4) People aren't moving from the Empowered Whirling Corruption (the purple puddles on the floor which spawn Minions of Y'sharrj).

    Also, don't use BL on pull - use it as Garrosh is transitioning into p3.
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    When your healers are pulling 20k, 30k, and 40k HPS it's time to two heal the fight or find new healers. A balance druid can do more than that.

    Your resto druids had absurdly low uptime on lifebloom. 20-30%, where it should be closer to 90-100%. Same thing with Rejuv.
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    To be honest it's all about how you deal with the empowered whirling corruptions, there must be 50 threads on exactly the same thing now. Just have a look for them.

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