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    Quote Originally Posted by Radio View Post
    I think the LFR system does need a bit of a tangible mitigator for bad luck. Something like one of the following:
    Gear is already easy as hell to get, you got coins with bad luck protection...
    Soon you'll ask blizzard to just mail you full lfr upon logging in...

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    I've done SoO normal/heroic every week and we have cleared it with multiple groups in the guild. And out of the 4 main raiders that want Bindings from Immersues we only have gotten 1. Thats life, if you have bad RNG in 10 man it can take a long time to get those sweet trinkets.

    In last ToT one of our healers coined heroic horridon around 25 times and still never got Horridon trinket.
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    ive gotten nothing for weeks m8 seriously , nothing from timelss isle flex or lfr...this reset i go to lfr and get 3 items, ordos i got warforged pants and bracers and in flex i got boots, tier gloves tier chest. Rng at its best!

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    I suspect that there are no shoulders in this tier for me. Sha of pride has only dropped the neck I think for me (the tier chest I got from garrosh via that odd little token he drops).

    Got Galakras and blackfuse left for shoulder + garry if he drops a token. Still rocking tier 14 shoulders (think its tier 14!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellum View Post
    I'm not going to go into great detail here because I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.

    For the past few weeks I've been back playing the game after a break in T14, I've been running LFR and Flex religiously, with the intent of gearing my priest to finish the tier before WoD. And for the past few weeks, I've gotten nothing worth mentioning whatsoever gear-wise. Last week, I cleared all 4 wings of flex and got 1 piece of gear, and that happened to be shoulders I had gotten from the week before. I got nothing from LFR. This week, I've cleared all 4 wings of flex, even coining 3 different bosses like an idiot, and the only item I got (which I called prior to even pulling the boss) was tier legs that are a downgrade from my 561's. I would say that these methods of obtaining gear just offer very little reward, but then I see these "less than decent" players running around in full flex/LFR sets and I begin to wonder, does Blizzard simply reward what is considered "casual" play? (by them, poor play by most) Or am I truly the most unlucky player in WoW. That's when I remembered something someone had stated a long time ago about loot ID's in WoW, and how certain accounts have better loot ID's than others. However, I can't fully believe that theory due to the fact that all the terrible players seem to get luckier than the decent ones who carry their asses through LFR/Flex. Anyone have any opinion's on this subject?
    To be honest, after four weeks of average or just below average raiding even you should be mostly passed the need for flex gear anyway.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by dahri View Post
    Either you are lying or have encountered a bug of some kind. I have used around 3 coins on up to 4 character each week since it was implemented. And I believe that the longest bad streak I had is around 6 coins with nothing. Usually I get at least something on 3 coins.

    And looking at you armory you have done 6 LFR bosses and have 2 LFR items. Also you have first 2 parts of flex and have 2 pieces of gear, including a weapon already! So I don't really understand what you are complaining about.
    It is NOT impossible. I'm certain that it has happend to me going 3 weeks without a single coin drop, thats 9 coins. I think it may be because I also coined a ToT boss perhaps resetting the bad luck protection? (wich there is no proof for anyway provided by blizzard) Eitherway
    I also would apreciate a more fair system where effort/reward is equalized more bwteen players. The same counts for ridiculous instances of for example like Titan Runestones, a friend of mine getting 12/12 in 2 weeks and some of us having to go 5 weeks before completion. 3 week difference is quite extreme. Should have made higher sample of 0/40 titan runestones and higher drop rate.

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    LFR replaced catch-up heroic dungeons, which were spammable. So there is an easy fix, just remove the lockout and let people loot lfr as often as they want. For the whiners, make off-set tier pieces for lfr so nobody can complain about having t16,t17, whatever in the first week.

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