Was doing the pvp pet battle weekly last night, and had an odd battle.

Played a team and lost. I made some mistakes, didn't stack up well. Requeued and no big surprise, I get an immediate rematch.

I start better, match is much more competitive. 4-5 turns in tho, my opponent starts passing. Not time-out passing, passing early. I slowly whittle down their team without a further action on their part.

I'm having trouble understanding what they were thinking ... Was wondering if there is some message I'm supposed to get from this?

Did they feel sorry for me? (I went 10-2 last night) Why not just run away if they want to give me the win?
Some sort of commentary about my team? (One timeless isle pet, other 2 run-of-the-mill wild captures) If so, why not wind the clock down each time?
Didn't notice a bad miss (it was late ... could have slipped past me). Maybe there was one and this was frustration ventilation?
Some sort of bot / script that went soft?
Something else?