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    When sitting in major cities, what entertains you whilst waitnig for quetimes n such

    Whenever I find myself sitting in Org while waiting for a que, rbg, arena, blah blah blah I used to get really bored. Now i'm on a very populated server and our trade chat goes by faster than Usain Bolt and it remains very busy with lots of advertisements and the like. So instead of sitting there and debating whether or not I should revisit the atrocity that is Runescape 3 in another window, I found a new form of entertainment.
    Keep in mind people will scorn you and I always try and target the players who spam "wts 30 day timecard" "selling rbg carries for vicous mount" you know the like.
    I always answer trade chat abusers, no matter what, I will probably send at least 70 messages an hour by rapidly replying to every single advertisement, no matter what.

    Other: "WTS blah blah 15k"
    Me: "I don't have that much money"
    Other: "Then why are you messaging me"

    Other:"Wts rbg carries, get your vicous mount today"
    Me: "No thanks I don't need rbg carries"
    Other: "?"

    Other: "[Insert guild advertisement]"
    Me: "I'm already in a guild and your raid times don't work for me"
    Other: "sorry to hear that"
    *If they continue to advertise in chat I will simply keep replying in varying ways.

    It's entertaining to me and I don't think it's breaking the rules in any form. Of course I've been told by my mother, 2 ex-girlfriends and my best friend that I'm a scumbag and irritating. But when your ADHD medicine wears off you aren't just going to sit there quietly.

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    I talk in Teamspeak non stop lately, and my in-game character just walks around SW, i think i have seen like all the corners of SW while talking ^^
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    why would i wait in cities to queue?

    the whole point of the queue is that you no longer have to be in a city for LFG Chat

    I farm while waiting, the ONLY time i am EVER in a city is to do city stuff like Auction House and Transmog/reforge

    if i had access to a mobile auction house, bank (assuming i am not a Goblin) and transmogrifier i would NEVER go to a city

    When someone asks you if you're a god, YOU SAY 'YES'!

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    I only queue as Healer for LFR, so there is no wait.

    Heroics Scenarios have no wait either.

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    Run around in circles personally or swapping to another game.

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    Normally either jumping back and forth around the Shrine while talking to guildies in mumble, or alt+tabbed doing something else while talking to guildies in mumble (and subsequently missing my queue because I forgot to turn my wow sound back on :/ ).

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    Farming, dueling, hunting rares, or chatting with my guild.
    You're right except for 2 things.

    1. My name is spelt "God" not "Loucious-sama".
    2. I'm not a man, because man is inherently flawed. I am in fact a being so far beyond your comprehension that archaic constraints like flesh, blood, time and consequently, gender, have no meaning to me.

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    I have 5 tanks. One of each class. I don't sit

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