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    Curious about closed/linked accounts

    What ho folks.

    Just curious, is there anyone here that has closed, banned or similar their gw2 account that has been linked to their gw1 account?
    If so, once your gw2 was inaccessible could you still access your gw1 account?

    I closed my gw2 account as have no use for it & now can`t get into my gw1 account. Emailed NCSoft & gw2, awaiting a slow reply (weekends bleurgh!!.

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    I don't get it, why would you close your account? I mean, you're not paying anything extra to keep it, and unless you fear/expect someone to break into it, it does no harm leaving it open....

    That said, nope, but chances are, an account is an account - so you close your GW2 account, means you close your entire ANet account, means you can't access GW1.

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    There was nothing left for anyone to swipe, I`d given it all away ages ago, last time I played (logged on, didn`t play )
    Although I did forget to salvage what gear I could. D`Oh!

    Paranoia of sorts I guess.
    I wouldn`t be using it again but it was using one of my main emails. Can`t change that any more plus my gw1 is same email of course.
    GW1 is on NCSoft management account, gw2 is on a seperate system. Only connection is they`re linked to use HoM.
    That way if gw2 gets hacked, none of my bank, email etc is there so doesn`t bother me.
    Did exactly same for warcraft when was done with that game.

    I did ask them "From what I`ve been able to find out, this shouldn`t alter my Guild Wars
    accounts, data etc as those are NCSoft main accounts, but I wish to have
    this confirmed. ". Guessing either they ignored this or they`ve just slipped up even more.

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    Except that, since your GW1 and GW2 accounts are linked, they use the same login information (username, password) - changing your password on one changes it on both (which is separate from the NCSoft account/password). True, they're separate games, but it really depends on how they have the account (login, not to be confused with game) databases set up - if the databases are the same (or linked), action on one may/will affect action on the other. Now, they might be able to manually disable access to one game without removing access to the other, but chances are that whatever tools/scripts/etc they have set up to lock an account apply to both accounts.

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    Yep, that is why I asked them to confirm it wouldn`t alter it first just to make sure.
    But the Guild Wars still shows up in my NCSoft account so I`m guessing that means it hasn`t been deleted, but something somewhere is messed up.
    Also HoM still shows my characters exist.

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