View Poll Results: Which classes do you quickly get tired of?

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  • Warrior

    30 17.05%
  • Paladin

    25 14.20%
  • Rogue

    62 35.23%
  • Hunter

    28 15.91%
  • Priest

    28 15.91%
  • Death Knight

    31 17.61%
  • Shaman

    14 7.95%
  • Mage

    43 24.43%
  • Warlock

    25 14.20%
  • Druid

    26 14.77%
  • Monk

    32 18.18%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. #21
    Got my paladin to 90. She's my bank alt now... Only leveled to 90 and then stopped.

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    Druid, shaman and hunter for me.

    Druid because the gear doesn't show. It feels like playing a colored cube or ball while everyone gets to wear new clothes or change their hair
    Shaman.. I kinda like the class but totems get tedious fast.
    And finally hunter is just boring. I dont like controlling the pet too or waiting till it runs to the target to apply a debuff I need. It's also not flashy enough for me so should I want to play a pet class, I'd go for warlock.

  3. #23
    Druid, only class I haven't had at max level during some point. Don't think one has ever made it past 40. I've always wanted to level one but they're SO BORING.

  4. #24
    Rogues, energy is boring.
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    DK, its the only class I dont have at 85+. Hightest I've gotten is 66. Tried several times, but once I get passed the novelty of Death Grip I find that I rather be playing my warrior.

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    Voted Rogue. Mine is level 84, but 40-80 was RaF free levels. I tried to get it to 90, but it just bores me soo quickly.

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    Of the ones I actively play (warlock, death knight, rogue) only the rogue starts to really bore me in a short period if I play it much. Of course if I play anything too much long term, it all gets boring. But warlock and death knight stay fun much longer than rogue does. Warrior was the same back when I played it, so I think it probably has to do with the fact that neither class has any magic. It gets boring just watching myself swing weapons. Plus the rogue requiring so much precision makes it more fun short term (if I went a while without playing it) and more boring long term.

  8. #28
    Pretty much every class with energy, so basically rogue's, monks and druids in cat form.

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    warrior/DK are most boring to me. all the DK specs just feel the same, and there doesn't seem to be any cool thing about them despite having a unique resource. warriors are pretty bland, only redeeming thing is their tanking

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    "Slow" weapons classes in general. The attack speed on a two-hander vs a couple fast daggers...ugh. Prefer a faster class that can just go nuts... which is why I'm the opposite of many people who don't know what they're talking about with Rogues.. lol (Granted I'm WotLK, not entire sure how they "currently" are elsewhere...makes me sad if Blizz made them suck though.)

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    Hunter by far, I can level with them pretty fast but at 90...its just 'well that was fun while it lasted'
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    Mage and warrior. I've never gotten either one past 20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bznga View Post
    Paladin.All other classes i have are at least around 50.
    So it would be all of them then for you. I get most tired of my warrior and DK, I rarely get my DK to max level and my warrior I don't touch after getting it to max level. Paladin, Shaman, Hunter and Warlock are the only four I can really play a lot without quickly getting bored.
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    I can't get into my mage.

    Solo, she's insanely squishy, and she's getting to the level where I can't just DPS multiple enemies down in 2-3 GCDs each, meaning that a bad pull WILL kill me. Attempting to kite usually just results in me pulling more random mobs. In dungeons, at this point she uses something like four spells and two cooldowns-- that's not exactly an exciting rotation. It might get better at higher levels, but so far....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abstieg View Post
    For some reason, I really can't get into the monk class. Mine's sitting at 50 and I have no urge to touch her.
    I was in the exact same position until I tried brewmaster and I've just discovered the most fun class/spec in the game

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    As of right now, Paladins (even though I love to play them)

    Because they feel like a gimped version of a rogue with weird Holy power 'combo points'

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    I personally found mages to the absolute most boring class in the game. They can't cast while moving, they are incredibly weak, and there's not much unique about them IMO.

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    cant seem too play a DK, never got past lvl 68 before i gave up on it.

    never had a max level warlock either, not that i dnt enjoy them like DK's. but for some reason i always pick other classes as alts.

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    I'd have to say Warlock. Can't seem to level one past 45.

    I main a rogue though and I find the results rather interesting. I think rogues survivability in PvE is unmatched by any other class.

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    Hunters mostly, I get to about level 15 and end up deleting them, I try to enjoy them but I can't. They're just too easy in my opinion and I like playing challenging classes.

    Death Knight probably second, my highest Death Knight was around 74 in Wrath of the Lich King which I never ended up leveling any further as I changed servers. Ever since then my highest has been 65. I think it's just because you get all your abilities handed to you and you start at mid-level as well as Death Knight just not being very enjoyable to me. I'm not a fan of the rune system either.

    I enjoy the Paladin class, but I can never seen to get it above level 75, I just lose motivation and nothing motivates me to continue leveling it, and I feel this way with any Priests I level too.

    Also might have to do something with how many people play those classes too. I enjoy playing harder/less played classes.

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