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    First of all that Epse guy is an idiot.

    I do slightly more PvE than PvP, but do them both. If you afk in LFR, you're going to get a more competitive world PvP set than if you afk in a bg a lot faster. If you put in a moderate amount of effort into either you end up with flex/normal gear for PvE and conquest gear for PvP. And the PvEr will blow up the pvper without even trying.

    No one thinks PvP gear should be better for PvE. For some reason some people think that using PvE gear to combat another player should give you the advantage, which is just really strange. Blizzard doesn't like the way that PvE gear has trumped PvP gear in a world environment, so they are going to change it in WoD. I'm sure they'll come up with some slightly flawed system that will be better than the last system

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalmatter View Post
    I don't really get where people think afk pvp gear= skill

    Manged to grind out fire-watcher and let me tell you most *pve* players tend to know more about pvp then there battleground counter parts...

    I'm not saying this would hold true vs a glad but a lot pvpers kinda suck at pvp. Every class with the exception of locks and mages that had full pvp gear fought the exact same way. Every pvper opened the same way reacted the same way... it was like fighting a raid boss just more predictable...

    Look honestly I think the days where you get to insta win in pvp gear is over. We might see it be closer next expansion but the whole kill a pver in a opener since you have magic gear is coming to its end accept it and move on.
    What the heck. Yes, many people who do BGs suck at PvP similiar to most of the players who do LFR suck at PvE.

    There is however a huge difference to the mediocore PvPers and most heroic PvEers. I raided heroic raiding in most of Wotlk, all of Cataclysm and start of MoP. And a lot of players who raid top end heroic modes also suck at PvE and they suck even more at PvP, simply because they have no knowledge of how non-raid abilities interact in PvP nor are they used to use all their abilities in their spell book, often leading to no or useless keybindings for all spells.

    I do however agree that the more balanced PvE and PvP gear is in world pvp the better it is. It has always been quite tiredsome to engage someone in the World (red=dead), only to realise that they impose no danger to you.

    Not to say that PvE gear haven't been useful in PvP in other expansions. I still remember around the beginning of 4.3 where I went something like 60-0 with full PvE gear and talents (17% hit rating even) in some random BG. I probably still have the screenshot uploaded to Imgur.

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    Yeah i kinda took it a bit to far..

    I should stay clear of these threads they always get me annoyed and I am sadly a tragic victim of foot in mouth.

    It just seems that the majority of posters in this thread are angry not because the gear is unbalanced but rather that its not unbalanced in there favor >.>

    I think it would be a improvement to simply make skills do % hp dmg in the open world and get rid of nearly all the effects off gear except for trinkets.

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