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    Thank you, Ghostcrawler!

    Thank you, Ghostcrawler!

    Thanks for all your effort for World of Warcraft, all your cool replies on the forums, twitter and on Blizzcon. You did a great job as Lead System Designer for WoW. It had to be hard to balance all things. You made players mad and happy on the same time. You nerfed one class, but buffed the other. You made hard decisions on how the game system worked. And it works great!
    Also i enjoyed watching you at Blizzcon, this year and previous years. Blizzard must be proud that they had you in their team.

    It would be strange to not see your name attached to World of Warcraft or Blizzard any longer. Thanks a lot, and i wish you the best at your new job!
    I also wish the best to your replacement at Blizzard.

    Note: This is an appreciation-thread for Greg Street aka Ghostcrawler. Don't post any anti-Ghostcrawler replies!

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    Regardless of what people say, he did a good job communicating with the community.

    Can only respect him for putting up with that, considering how toxic the community is.

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    GC is one of my favorite people in WoW, didn't take shit from anyone!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
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    HE was * cries * the dark night

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    We've left quite a few different threads on the subject open, so while positivity is appreciated, please try to keep discussion consolidated:


    Or, post in one of the official News threads.

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