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    Remove pvp gear(that is to say resilence and pvp power), devide pvp damage and healing by 10. The number can be tweaked separately for damage and healing, but that should be sufficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
    I'd get rid of ilvl on gear; so people stop using PvP gear in Raid Finder.

    I'd make changes to PvP alone and leave the PvE game alone.

    I'd make group-matching more evenly balanced, while keeping Blizzards WoD concepts.
    1)Using pvp gear in raid finder is a non issue it has all of the stats pve gear of the same item level does + pvp power. A dps/damage/hps/damage taken requirement in lfr would do a lot more. Pvp gear isn't the reason people do shit in lfr not caring is so fix that problem.

    2)I agree

    3)As long as it doesn't affect queue times kewl.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Only good change I can think of heart of the wild only affects cast for resto druids. So they have to cast for the damage and it can be losed and interrupted.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by koekai View Post
    -disrupting shout talent now replaces pummel.
    -mass spell reflection talent now replaces spell reflection.
    -spell reflection now only reflects one spell.

    -reduce ice lance damage.
    -buff frostbolt damage so they are once again a casting class.
    -make FROSTjaw, FROST nova frost mage only. give fire mages another cc. (not alot tho.. they alrdy have sheep, combustion impact, dragon's breath etc...)
    - mages now have one iceblock with a 2 min cooldown .
    - blink no longer removes stuns.
    - deep freeze has been removed from the game.
    - remove glyph of ice block.
    - mages can no longer cast Invisibility.
    - ice block now lasts 6 seconds.
    - water elemental now takes 4 seconds to summon.

    - heart of the wild healing nerf for moonkins and ferals and damage nerf for resto druid (cuz you know... 125k bites..)
    - displacer beast no longer increases speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
    - might of ursoc is now feral only.
    - druids no longer get intimidating shout , ice block from symbiosis.
    - healing spells now cost mana (lol..)

    -psyfiend removed.
    -priests no longer get cyclone from symbiosis.
    -spectral guise is removed.
    -dots hurt more.
    -less absorbs (honestly..)
    -dominate mind now requires the priest's energy, losing 2% health every second.

    - remove the goat from the f-ing game
    - feign death no longer interupts casts.
    - hunter now have one deterence with a 1.5m cooldown
    - deterence now lasts 6 seconds, up from 5
    - wyvvern sting now lasts 3 seconds.
    - camouflage requires the player to not be in combat.
    - trap now has a 45 second cooldown, up from 30.
    - glyph of mirrored blades now causes deterence to last 3 seconds.

    - turn evil change has been reverted.

    -blind now lasts 4 seconds, down from 7.
    -glyph of garrote has been removed.
    -subterfuge has been removed.
    -paralyptic poison has been removed.
    -cloak of shadows now has a 1.5m cooldown.

    - mw monks should rely less on healing sphere.
    - touch of karma now lasts 6 seconds.
    - fists of fury now deal less damage.

    - elemental blast nerf
    - ascendance nerf
    - buff to enhancement's normal abilities.
    - spirit wolve damage has been increased
    - lava burst damage has been increased
    - lava burst can now proc once every 6 seconds
    - hex now has a 30 second cooldown but lasts 5 seconds.
    - healing tide totem nerf.
    - nature's guardian now decreases damage done by 30% instead of a 25% maximum health increase.

    death knight:
    - anti magic shell makes the death knight immune to all spells for 6 seconds but the cooldown is to 1.5m.
    - icebound fortitude now has a 1 min cooldown.

    - chaos bolt is no longer affected by backdraft.
    - chaos bolt now has a 2 second cast time, unaffected by haste.
    - blood horror can no longer be spell reflected as it is not a spell.
    - gateway is now a protected cast.
    - doomguard and infernal can now be used in arenas.
    - malefic grasp is removed and replace by shadow bolt.
    - dots hurt more
    - soul swap now has 10 second cooldown.

    -interrupts made when a player is casting are now maximum 4 seconds.
    -healing nerf.
    -fear braking when you take 15 % of your total health.

    something along those lines, i think it's pretty clear what class i'm playing and many people will hate me
    I think the mage nerfs were over kill and warlocks do not need more pets. Nobody does that shit gets ridiculous. You have a stun, death coil, a cc like poly that breaks on 15% damage. Why would u remove that much stuff from mages? They need their damage toned down and should have to cast more but that is it honestly.

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    doomguard and infernal can now be used in arenas.
    more pets and more cc? fuck no


    PvE is a minigame // Rerolled from affly to spriest after 8 years, thx pandaland changes

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    Take away, do not allow, separate, disable, remove, no this, no that and just another NO, nerf and so on... only negatives. Your thoughts are never about enabling something additional, about removing boundaries or restrictions. Basically the vast majority continuously asks for more "NOs".

    I guess I'm the only weirdo to ask for different things:
    - enable PK server (can attack anyone, including own faction, everywhere outside of instanced areas).
    - enable lvl 100 for everything on a PK server, including starting zone mobs. This server type doesn't focus on leveling, but gearing and char progression is still there.
    - PvE and PvP gear is 100% the same, just different source and different looks.
    - enable full reward 1on1 arena (regardless of balance failures, no one is forced to play it and nothing is taken away from those who despise it).

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    -make an toggle able option for bgs where all healing is disabled. those who toggle get into a separate bracket. where all healing is disabled (COMPLETELY) except for food, bandages and the pick-up healing chests.

    -increase all conquest point gain from arena, bg and rbg wins.

    -give conquest reward for playing selected bgs. like playing wsg or AB instead of the random button (the random button could award more however, else it would be useless.)

    -make random bgs RANDOM. if you queue alone you will get a group of others who also queued alone. make so premades or "join as groups" face other premades. and increase the group join rate from 5 man to 40.

    -give an 1v1 arena option. or might aswell give a "whatever size you want" arena option. 40 man arenas, like a proper deathmatch. nothing too serious

    -more balanced, symmetrical bg maps. looking at you, AV, SSM and TP!

    -nerf or remove resto monks immune to dmg while stunned bullshit.

    -fix so fear will break when taking dmg properly

    -make warlocks blood fear show an actuall fear effect, so it doesnt look like you are running away randomly like a retard.

    -give all pvp trinkets a 1 min cd.

    -remove human pvp trinket racial. give them something else

    -reduce interrupt cd on pummel, kick etc back to 10 sec.

    -reduce skill rating on undead male players by 30%. they perform better then others

    -increase skill rating on draenei male players by 50%.

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    Not really related to gameplay as such: i would introduce pvp gear on the ilevel of heroic 25man (or mystic for the new xpansion) raid gear for people that are higher ranked then 2400 - so that scrubs cant pvp to get amazing gear but that good players can raid or wpvp as much as they want, to not give them an unfair advantage in pvp the gear gets scalled to 522 ilvl in arenas and shoudl be purely cosmetical there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naztrak View Post
    more pets and more cc? fuck no


    we'll be able to summon doomguard/infernal in wod (100 talent). lets just hope for you it replaces the active pet then like in wotlk etc

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    Remove PvP Power and Resilience.

    If the Damage or Burst is too high in PvP, then it is too high in PvE. Readjust the PvE needs as required.
    If the Healing is too high in PvP, then it is too high in PvE. Readjust the PvE needs as required.
    If the ability is too strong in PvP, then it is too strong for PVE and should not be in the spellbook to begin with.

    The numbers required in PvE can always be tweaked and fine turned for the encounters without negatively affecting anything else and it would be several times easier than trying to come up with all these PvP fixes for all these new things they are trying to throw in PvE that doesn't really do anything extra except provide more challenge to balance around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Just want to point out that intimidating shout never has, never will, and most importantly, never SHOULD have a stun component. The current iteration is blatantly broken and most likely a bug that's been ignored all expansion and is an issue with ALL fears.
    In Classic Intimidating Shout had two effects:
    • The primary target was stunned (which broke on damage).
    • All other targets in x range were feared (which followed standard chance on damage to break rules).

    Glad to hear it's a bug though... sucks it's not been fixed the whole expansion. I guess warlocks and warriors were in need of extra buffs though.
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    1. Make abilities behave differently in PvE and PvP.
    2. Balance said abilities differently for PvE and PvP.
    3. Make CC DR kick in faster.
    4. Remove some of CC abilities from PvP (make players immune to them).

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