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    Such an uproar over the no flight thing it amazes me, who cares, 3 weeks after the game is released we'll get the flying mounts back and all will be back to standard which is (stand in the major hub, waiting for dungeon/scenario/pvp/LFR queues to pop, and the occasional flight to the newest zone where high level stuff is happening or a raid). The game offers exactly nothing in the leveling zones when you hit max level, if you are a gatherer you might have to go out, but if you're not, there's exactly 0 reasons to go there, may it be on foot, ground mount or flying - so stop bitching, I'm on one of the most populated realms in Europe and all of the zones in Pandaria were dead 3 weeks after the release, because people moved through them and there's nothing to do anymore, sans the occasional daily quests.
    try 2-3 months. then have "fun" trying to level alts.

    prediction: ghostcrawler will backtrack on this once the quarterly report comes out and they see sub numbers tank for a new expansion. This sort of thing already happened with MOP dailies.

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    Ya know, I had a girlfriend with a very similar body shape as that pandaren female. <3
    She must have spent a fortune on razors!

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    Amazing art. Blizzard are very creative. Would love to see more.

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