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    Your first memory of playing WoW.

    What is your first (or most memorable) memory of playing WoW.

    Mine is when about 6 or 7 years ago I rolled my first toon. Nelf warrior. And while doing the first quests I ran into a level capped Nelf who sat on her nightsaber mount. That looked so cool. I joined her guild and that was basically the very beginning of the adventure.

    It`s been quite a ride when I think about it.

    So what`s your memory?

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    The most memorable was when I got a new weapon (NE warrior). I felt so powerful... Then a new weapon after some minutes...
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    Lowbie nelf balance druid. Tried to do group quests on my own. Was dying over and over again. Until a max lvl friend felt sorry for me and helped me out...

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    I tried to tank on my hunter as my brother watched laughing, i told him I can do the Fuck what I like if I want to solo the boss I can, Fuck the rest of the group!

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    Spawning as a dwarf warrior with hundreds of others, fighting to kill even the most common of mobs then waiting like 20 min to kill something in a cave.

    Open beta was great!

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    my first memory would be trying the game out over at a friends house for the first time. made an orc warrior and ran around in the starter zone killing stuff.
    and here i am some 6 years later and my main is still a orc warrior

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    D/Cing doing the old timed delivery quest in Dun Morogh because my computer was beyond terrible, and having to wait 2 hours to login again because I was using a trial account on Jubei'thos US, which at the time had constant 2k+ queues.

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    Making a troll hunter, then going to orgrimmar cuz a friend invited me to a grp to do RFC, never made it to the instance cuz my fps went to like 0/1

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    Made a dwarf paladin after watching the south park episode with love not warcraft, the ads were everywhere so i made a trial, found some dude he left a few hours after, Traveled to wetlands at like level 4 died multiple times, got saved by some night elf, he took me to elwynn forest where i met another dude who became my first friend on WoW he said, we couldn't swim across the monster invested oceans so we had to take a boat to kalimdor, I never even knew it existed up until that point, Also saw a draenei and didn't know what the hell it was.. For reference i made this trial on dec 12 07

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    I started playing bit late, 1.8 if I remember correctly. Just finished Tauren starting quests, and got sent to Bloodhoof. I remember my jaw dropping when i ran out from the isolated starting area to open vastness of Mulgore. Then halfway to the village I saw three shamans chasing a paladin, so I just followed them, until pally got low and bubble heathed.

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    2005, my first toon was a troll shaman. There was a quest in the starting area where you had to go to the cliff and do something and I found thottbot very confusing so I tried to do the quest without fully understanding it. Anyway, I end up falling off the cliff and into the Barrens river and at that time level ??? crocolisks who just destroyed me. I couldn't find my corpse and neither the resurrection spirit to take ress sickness so I ended up abandoning my toon and trolls overall...

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    My most memorable moment has to be when started leveling my priest in bc, I think it was the last class i had to try (every other at around lvl 20). When i reached lvl 10 and saw the shadow form talent i found it very OP at the time, and I knew i had to level it to max

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    My first memory was probably logging in at Northshire Abby on my human warlock.

    My first interesting memory was seeing a Doomguard in Westfall being summoned, seeing that party member die, seeing the group fight to enslave it, and then attacking it and getting wtfpwned.
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    Being allowed to play it on my cousins PC but I could only play on his chars below level 10. He had a level 27 that looked really cool but I wasn't allowed on it

    This was back in vanilla.
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    Dwarf starting zone back in 2005. People stealing my kills and me figuring out why I couldn't spam Heroic Strike as much as I wanted to... I would like to say it has improved afterwards but... people are still stealing my kills and I still can't spam Heroic Strike as much as I'd like to. That's why I play a DK now.

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    My most memorable moment was finally completing the Dreadsteed questline for my Warlock. Blood, sweat, tears, thousands of gold in reagents, and a truly epic battle for my kickass spiky fire pony.

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    The first thing I think about is jumping around in the belf starting zone and being afraid of the red mobs.

    My best memory was getting a staff first time I was in karazan

    But my very first encounter with the game was nearly a year before: I was running around on a friends mage killing squirrels in Nagrand. Apparently girls cant play wow xD

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    On a trial account me and my brother made gnomes and no idea what to do, so we just ran around in the snow at the start zone...

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    Me and 4 other friends all making Undead chars (all different classes) in a Internet Cafe to see what all the fuss was about with WoW.
    About 2 hours later, we`re still in Tirisfal Glades, somewhere up north, trying to do a quest in a tomb with ghouls and zombies and a banshee, kept dieing and making up "tactics" how to kite and kill the (clearly lol) overpowered monsters.

    We were just so immersed with the game, that it really didn't fucking matter what we were doing.. it was just so much fun

    That was back in 2005 (around summer time) - been playing (with brief breaks here and there) ever since <3

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    Back in vanilla with my first char. I was questing in westfall and then i saw duskwood and thought it looked so cool and spooky so i went in there to explore...5 secs later i had aggroed the whole forest and got killed by wolfs.

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