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    Making a Human Paladin and running through Elwynn the first time Was amazing was my main until MoP

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    The first memory that sticks with me in WoW was when I first ran up the hill to Ironforge. As a little gnome, it was pretty awe inspiring.

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    First memory? Running through Ironforge as a Paladin with my Training Sword.

    Worst memory? Beta Testing Wrath Beta and Ghostcrawler calling a person who offered feedback on Death Knights a scared cow, and making a body weight insult on a good friend. Deleting many many pages of feedback. That was six years ago, and I knew he would not last more than 2 expansions.

    He didn't. Good riddance I say.
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    snake trap bug at tarren mill.
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    Running into the Plaguelands on my level 12 UD warlock, aaaah SPIIIIIIDER
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    Funny, I don't remember WoW ever having an open beta initially. I remember it going from closed beta to release. Maybe my memory's foggy.

    I remember doing the quest in Arathi Highlands where there was a long quest chain to summon this boss at these pillars. I never for the life of me could kill it without a group.
    NA didn't have an open beta.
    Europe had an open beta.

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    Playing through Dun Morogh, immersing myself in the game's lore and the experience. I got to Kharanos, thinking it was the capital hub of the game. Boy, I sure was shocked to find out about the sheer size of Azeroth.

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    Making a night elf hunter. Logging in and hearing the narration. Then seeing people run around teldrassil. One toon in particular was on a mount. Which I thought was awesome. She proceeded to help me run all the way to iron forge, and explained to me in wow you get what you put into it.

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    Five years age in my college life with my calssmates and roomates, we played without day and night, I chose an undead Rogue as my first start.
    Obervious it is a really memoriable experience, I enjoyed the time together and never come back.

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    Wandering around Razor Hill as a level 2 troll warrior in File Planet Founders Club closed beta thinking: "what the fuck is going on?".
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    I was 13, was pretty ill, have been for 3 weeks at home already. It was mid-TBC I think. I decided I want to pick up THAT POPULAR GAME and asked my parents to buy it with all the moniez I had. They bought me vanilla and tbc along with 1 card. I rolled BE mage, was really a blast and the first thing I remember was me falling down from that big, floating object on which you did quests at like 4-5lvl and dying for the first time. Fun times...

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    7-8 years ago entering Orgrimmar for the first time on my lvl 10 Undead Warlock i was trying to figure out how can i summon a minion to fight for me when i ran into this troll npc who sell snake companions i saw that all the snakes costs 9s.. man i went to durotar farming coppers from Harpies i remember spending hours trying to get that 9s from them, when i finally got that money i ran back to Orgrimmar very excited and cheering that i can finally have a pet to fight with me like the other warlocks and when i bought it i ran back again to durotar tryign to find any mob to attack.. and here comes the disappointment, the good thing is everytime i remember that i laugh at myself.

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    Rolled up a NE hunter.. cause I did some research and figured that hunters would be the most OP super solo class that could do everything I wanted (I wasn't far wrong.... but had no idea what I was doing) I log in, load up and start running around the giant tree in the starting zone and then I saw a mass of dead bodies/skeletons.... WTF man

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    Me discovering random stuff as a noob and announcing it over general chat. "Woah! Hey guys! If you smelt copper ore, you can sell it for twice as much!" (to vender)

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    Playing with my son on one account, a hunter and getting lost after level 3...

    Our weapon skill was not locked in the action bar, so for hours we couldn't shoot and didn't know how to solve the problem.

    After 3 weeks realising we were on a US account and so had to start from scratch on a EU server but this time with 2 accounts.

    The crafting of my first rare Paladin mace at level 23 something. Given by that dude outside of Ironforge after having seen EPIC adventures in Shadowfang Keep and roaming huge parts of what I thought endless worlds. I still have that Mace on the bank! I will never part with it.

    My paladin horse with epic adventures in such places like Stratholme and Scholomance and extremely expensive mats gathering.

    EPIC. Did I say epic ?
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    Awesome topic to make us remember why we loved this game so much.
    My first char was on my brothers account. It was a female gnome warlock and I loved to play it so much, partially because he rarely let me sit on the PC.
    My first character though was a draenei paladin. I decided upon it after watching the baddass, kickass, purple armored, magic imbued paladin in the church in the Burning Crusade cinematic. It all started when I watched that short masterpiece of a clip.
    Then, onwards many things happened to me like to most of us. I always wanted to go the Retribution way, and despite all the odds I managed to enter in maybe the 2nd best guild on the Burning Legion server at that time, FiRe of DUNE. That, as an alliance ret paladin was like, huge! Then all the good stuff followed. Got my t6 shoulders soon afterwards and it was fucking awesome.
    The best memory I got though was the 7th Zul Aman timed run. I did it as a ret paladin, and who would expect it, I rolled a 99 on the Amani Bear. Best moment in my WoW history. I think I was the first ret pala on the aliance side of the server to have it. Felt really special, I actually enjoyed to play a ret paladin much more back than, because achieving something was really meaningful.

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    Made a paladin on my friend's beta account and I remember the last day of beta, there was this huge train of Alliance going to Booty Bay to get on the boat to raid Ratchet. It was a glorious bloodbath and I was only level 20. lol

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    I quit wow and all gaming because of 1 person with shit behavior. Now I have a successful career and more .. this is the memory i never forget of wow

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    Dancing around in Goldshire Inn for 2g. I thought I was gonna buy one of those cool tiger mounts I saw walking around and buy an entire set of armor.

    Then I opened the blacksmith vendor and cried. (took me 6months to discover AH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kijthae View Post
    I quit wow and all gaming because of 1 person with shit behavior. Now I have a successful career and more .. this is the memory i never forget of wow
    If you are as succesfull as you are you would have become it regardless of playing WoW.

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    Yeaah it's really funny remembering back on it, but it's some of the best memories I've had =P

    And don't feel old, it's not so bad and I'm 20 and still that makes me feel old hehe ^^

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