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    My most memorable moment has to be when started leveling my priest in bc, I think it was the last class i had to try (every other at around lvl 20). When i reached lvl 10 and saw the shadow form talent i found it very OP at the time, and I knew i had to level it to max
    99% certain iirc shadowform wasn't available till 30 at that time.

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    Making my first char. Tauren warrior, and trying to farm few silvers to get new weapon from vendor Good vanilla times , 9 years later its still my main. Always

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    Created a hunter back in tbc, no idea what year that was when I reached 70 KZ was the main raid, Tauren hunter.. Went around mulgore, loved the zone. Went over to the barrens, and spend 2 hours watching alliance raids on crossroads. aaah the good old times.

    Switched over to druid not long after 70 and enjoyed that way more. Current mains ele shammy/guardian drood
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    Theres 2 moments I want to talk about, My first was when I was leveling in vanilla.

    It was near alterac mountains,I was on the pvp realm arthas, playing with my shaman, and I saw an alliance in trouble he was going to die, so I decided to help him out, then 10 min later I was in trouble he was still around and he came to help me out. nowadays when people see's someone flagged, especially if he's in trouble people are going to gank. back then there was a mutual respect between players.

    and the second moment, the first time me and my guild was able to down Onyxia !
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    My wife and I starting playing WoW at the same time back in Vanilla. We were in our mid 20's when a mutual friend that had a level 60 Hunter ran us from Gadget all the way to Cenarion Hold in Silithus. There are two moments that are seared into my mind from that journey.

    1. Devilsaur - I couldn't believe it, it scared me shitless, especially with my friend typing "RUN!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!" in party chat lol.
    2. Those tall hives in Silithus that you can see from the road. I wondered what incredible journeys I would eventually be going on in this game.

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    Wow, got so many memories from Vanilla and TBC (when I still was in school and had lots of time to play).
    Mass PvP for days on end raiding Taventusk in Hinterlands at ~45 (I think), Horde having 60s there to defend.
    Dinging 59 discovering Eastwall Tower in EPL.
    Finally dinging 60, although I can't remember where I was... Silithus perhaps?
    First Rag kill. First Onyxia kill. First Twin Emp kill, which we celebrated more than our first C'Thun kill.

    But the one thing I remember most... Running up that hill on my Gnome Warlock, Deadlymary, which remained my main until WotTL, seeing the gates of Ironforge. That was the most epic moment in my whole life of gaming. Sadly, I switched realm to Sylvanas, where the only other character on EU realms named Deadlymary was. Had to change name.

    Edit: Oh yeah, ganking in Tyr's Hand!

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    I remember it like it was yesterday. I started my Tauren Hunter and wanted to play with my friend who doesn't play anymore. He invited me to party and I was trying to find him, he kept whispering to me and I kept talking in /say in reply being the noob I was back then. Yup, good times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curanhadin View Post
    99% certain iirc shadowform wasn't available till 30 at that time.
    Shadowform were for lvl 40 back then

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    Another memory is traveling to Felwood and a bunch of other high level places at lvl 9 and then a max level stopping an wondering what I was doing.

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    Hmm... probably making a warlock in beta and tried to grab the imp book in that tent with 4 mobs respawning so fast that by the time I killed the 4th one the first one respawned, then the 2nd one... it never ended until I gained like a level or two and finally managed to grab the book.

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    Dying to "Princess" in Elwynn Forest in Beta with my Lvl 6 Paladin - 4 times in a row. ^^ i used to come back on live realm from time to time to get my revenge

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    When I created my first character back in Vanilla, a Nelf hunter named Witchunter. I leveled to 12 and then when I finally reached Auberdine I realized how incredibly corny my characters name was so I deleted it and remade a new hunter named Tarantino, which was equally corny now that I think about it.
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    My first memory was creating a human warrior at the tail end of Classic, lvling him to about 8 or so and then for some reason got bored with the human starting area and made an orc hunter. That orc hunter is still my main. I've tried other Alliance races throughout the years, and still find the Alliance boring. I guess I've had a soft spot for the Horde since the days of the old Warcraft RTS games. Something about being able to play as the 'bad guy'. FOR THE HORDE!!!

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    2005. A friend brought me a demo disc from pc gamer to try the game out, as it was out of stock everywhere (turned out you could actually upgrade this trial disc to a full account). Anyway, I rolled a Gnome Mage, as my friends had already chosen Alliance as the place to be some weeks prior to this. I died to some level 6 wolves upon venturing beyond coldridge, and, knowing nothing of the game, I actually thought my toon was forever stuck in ghost form as a penalty for dying. So I deleted the char and rolled a Gnome Warrior instead, believing that perhaps having a shield to protect me, would prevent my future demise.

    Good times.
    Originally Posted by Tigole
    I'm not so sure endgame players would like the face of the game if everyone had instant access to all of the content. There is something to be said for progression and the sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, we have to be careful not to create a brick wall for new people, but I think there is a balance to be struck here.

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    First memory Vanilla 1.0 launch version first char created, a human warlock. Fooled around goldshire and got owned by bugged monsters walking through the ground, falling through the map and other stupid stuff.

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    Ganking lvl 60s in Stranglethorn Vale with a friend of mine. He was a lv 46 druid and i was 47 warrior. Was so much fun haha!

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    Not liking the way Warlocks play because it felt like my pets were doing all the work and I just got to watch them kill stuff, so I rerolled a Warrior. Ironically, a Warlock has now been my main for over 7 years and I can't play any class like I play my lock.

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    Making a new tauren and after leveling to level 10 in kalimdor I get a /w by a level 15 guy telling me to go to barrens (Now north barrens) I told him there is skull marked mobs there so I can't. He guided me past the high level area to the low lvl part.

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    Making a tauren paladin at a friends house, getting to level 10. Being completely hooked and going home and bought it all and played a blood elf paladin

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