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    Quote Originally Posted by Nykolas View Post
    I tried to tank on my hunter as my brother watched laughing, i told him I can do the Fuck what I like if I want to solo the boss I can, Fuck the rest of the group!
    Oh, so that was you? I seem to be running into you in almost every other dungeon I run nowadays...

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    i was in vanilla beta. i was a rogue. i picked up blacksmithing hoping i could learn to wear plate armor.

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    I remember making my first character in Vanilla. He was an undead warlock with a knack for exploring the Plaguelands at level 10. Mostly dying in the first three seconds... BUT IT WAS EXPLORATION NONETHELESS!

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    I was killing random boars & cats in the starting zone as a Night Elf. The girl that introduced me to WoW was playing a new toon with me in the lan center (and I was like mad in love with this girl). Then from college or wherever he was her boyfriend started a toon with us. So then I became the third wheel.... IN GAME...

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    Bought the game in mid 2006, made a Night Elf Druid and played to level 10. Did the bear quest, got my bear form, and ran around Darnassus acting like the biggest badass in bear form. Good times.

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    I was a member of a gay gaming forum community. We waited for months for WoW to be released. Every day, we'd chat and theorize and share artwork and all that other fanboi stuff you do when you're young and geeky. On launch night, we all went out and waited in line for our collector's editions; some got one, some didn't. But, we didn't care. We were finally able to roll toons, congregate in game and form a guild. We had chosen Proudmoore long before release because of the queer implications of being 'out and proud(moore).' Our guild eventually evolved into the largest GLBT guild in the game and one of the largest guilds (by unique member count) overall. So, my earliest memory would have to be rolling a dwarf hunter and making the nearly-naked trek through some trogg-infested tunnels to meet up with everyone else in Ironforge to sign the charter. I was practically high from the excitement of finally getting to log in and play with my pals again after the long hiatus between the end of UO and the start of WoW.

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    My first character was an undead mage. I played on a laptop using a touchpad, and managed to somehow zoom into first person view. Didn't know how to fix it, so I played in first person view for a few weeks..

    I kept going back to Deathknell, one-shotting mobs, to show off to the new guys.

    That's what I remember the best, at least.

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    November 23rd, 2004. World of Warcraft Launch day. My brother had played a Troll Mage all through the beta and asked me to pick up a Collectors Edition for him from work (I was 18 and working at Best Buy). So I grabbed it for him and a regular copy for myself. After spending 3 hours to log into US-Mal'Ganis I rolled my Orc Warrior. Killing mobs for the first set of quests was awesome. But the moment that made me go "woah!!" was crossing into The Barrens and seeing the giant mountains off in the distance and being told that you can actually CLIMB THEM! These were not static images on a backdrop, they were legit pieces of the game.

    Side note: That warrior got to level 30 and was deleted. I had no idea about how the talent system worked, armor, or weapons. I was dying to a level 30 mob cause I had grey armor on, grey weapons, and points in Arms, Fury, AND Prot! I then rolled my Orc Rogue (then named FatalOne and now named DexterMorgn on US-Fenris) and I've been stabbing ever since!

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    I like how this thread worked out.
    Nice stories all-around!

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    My first memory was seconds after logging in my first character: A Tauren Hunter and seeing how huge the world was.
    After that, the second thing that made my hyped was Hunter pet quest, to get your first pet and pet skills related. Good ol' days.

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    My first memory was when I started so excited to play an undead. I feel in love with the forsaken and leving deathknell seenig the vast world for the first time. bein very cautious about the not nice looking hound and staying away from them haha. And then the abomination who never gets the right weeds :I

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    I was playing on a friend account, or we were playing together. And this high level dude comes up to our character and gives us randomly 1 gold. And we were astonished! I mean, it was so much money for a level 20-something. And I guess it might have been that we were like 9 or something but still, pure happiness.

    My absolutely first memory of WoW was at another friends house. Suddenly I was in control of the keyboard and I had no idea how to attack or anything. Very confusing and I think i died XD
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    Just to cement how sad I am, I still have my US copy of WoW from launch day in November 2004, my EU copy, my fiancée's EU copy, and both our copies of Burning Crusade. XD

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    Logging into the game as my first and only main character, a Human Paladin. Went to Stormwind, took the Tram, and then arrived at Ironforge to meet up with some guys I knew at school. I still remember how massive the Dwarven capital city felt. Was freaking awesome.

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    Just to cement how sad I am, I still have my US copy of WoW from launch day in November 2004, my EU copy, my fiancée's EU copy, and both our copies of Burning Crusade. XD
    I still have all my boxes =)

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    The days when I was playing on my trial account when I was first starting to get into the game are the memories I remember most. I made an Undead warrior as my very first WoW character ever. Deathknell and Tirisfal Glades are the places that hit me with nostalgia the most because it reminds of me of those days. Back when I had to use my dad's computer in my basement and every night I would sneak downstairs while my parents were sleeping and play it and hear the creepy music of Tirisfal Glades while questing with my one friend.

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    Coming across a large green raid portal in the trog caves south of Ironforge during either late beta or early vanilla.

    I still don't know why it was there, it certainly wasn't a few months later.

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    Dying in Elwynn on my priest because of murlocs... January 2005, almost 9 years ago.

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    pvp as well as the amount of life that was taking place in gold shire. gold shire was full of players.

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    I wanted to play something I though no one else would play very much, so I rolled a priest. One of my first memories is deciding to "run as far as I can until I die" which brought me all the way south through Ghostlands into the Eastern Plaguelands where I was promptly murdered.

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