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    What is Sargeras' current physical status?

    So before Warcraft 1, he fights Aegwynn in his "avatar" form. His "avatar" form gets defeated, but he then invades Aegwynn with his "full" form and lays dormant in secret (and I assume he leaves his body somewhere behind in the Twisting Nether...?).

    He then gets passed into Medivh as Aegwynn and some court Mage have behbees.

    Medivh opens Dark Portal, he gets stabbed by Lothar and friends, and Sargeras goes *poof*.


    Where? Where does his spirit end up? When Sauron and Voldemort get defeated their spirit remains lingering somewhere in the world in which they're defeated, so is Sargeras' spirit still in Azeroth? Did it travel to Draenor through the Dark Portal? Did it invade someone else?

    Where in world is Sargeras San Diego?

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    I believe it is stuck in the Twisting Nether.

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard A. Knaak
    Sargeras ceased to be in the sense of his physical being in the mortal world of Azeroth. He was cast into limbo, so to speak, as Blizzard wanted. Otherwise, he pretty much would have immediately returned to try to destroy Azeroth again. 'Ceased to be' was used specifically for that reason.
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    Twisted nether?

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    i cant remember right (cause that war of the ancients book screwed stuff up by being an altered timeline just to include Rhonin) but as i understand it..

    original war of the ancients pre-shattering, sarg didnt get to go through.

    in the book's timeline, didnt the portal close on him or damage his body?

    None the less, when medivh died, his spirit was thrown into the void, he hasnt been able to come out since. but he'll find a way.

    not sure if it was the twisting nether, but some part of reality where limbo and nothingness collide.
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    The only hint at Sargeras' current whereabouts was during The Battle for Undercity-when Varimathras failed, the following dialogue occurs:

    A distant voice yells: YOU HAVE FAILED ME, VARIMATHRAS!
    Varimathras yells: A thousand-thousand pardons, Master! I will deal with these intruders myself!

    Aside from that, nothing else. I think two people on the blizzcon 2010 quests and lore panel enquired about him in general. He's out there.
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