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    Alysrazor solo: Do A Barrel Roll RaidAchievement not working?

    Hi there,

    Im trying to get the Glory achievement for Alysrazor by soloing it on my destruction warlock.

    Unfortunately, my RaidAchievement addon does not seem to be working corretly. I have the latest version, the achievement is ticked, I am in a raid group, but after intentionally flying into the Incendiary Clouds mutliple times to check, nothing happens. Atleast I THINK its the Incendiary Clouds. The smoky fire clouds that spawn near the rings in the air?

    Like i said, latest version, everything should be working correctly, no error messages when I enter World.

    What is going on?

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    Don't rely on addons for that achievement, track the achievement instead ( shift + click it), once it goes red, you failed the criteria of the achievement. Sometimes raidachievement addon fails to read from the log somehow and it doesnt announce that some1 fails.

    Oh on the other hand mate, since this is Firelands, Cataclysm, make sure that you have downloaded: RaidAchievement_OldModules because RaidAchievement only tracks current expansion ( Mists of Pandaria).

    Hope this helps! ;3

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    Its possible to "cheat" that achievement. Join any FL group and while on Alysrazor, leave the group and exit the instance. When the group manages to kill her, you will get it even tho you are not in the group anymore.

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    Well that was a quick ban...

    As others have said, track the achievement by shift clicking it and monitor that way.
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