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    I love kick system (best story)

    So I joined as dps but I was in tank spec because I did 6k dps. 40% dungeon done I didn't got healed once. So I complained to healer why he doesn't heal? And he starts complaining that I'm in tank spec.

    Another dps dies in party and I laugh at him for being failure as he doesn't heal other people. Constantly other dps at low hp.

    I tryed to kick him but failed. and 1k dps tank + his realm friends defended him and saying I'm douche for trying kick him.

    So here is what I did. I typed in message "kick "insert my own name". They thought they kicked me but that healer got kicked instead. I laughed hard to them and got ignored.

    Lesson? Don't join as healer if you don't want to heal. And stop being douche about low lvl dungeons which you can faceroll solo.

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    Posting a thread to let everyone know how rude you are in groups just invites flame-baiting.


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