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    What is the drop rate of mount?
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    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    Oh, you got me... you got me good; this doesn't work (and how silly of me to actually think it would).
    What? It absolutely does work, what did you try to do that did not work? I re-rolled a ring I had used for a month, and I re-rolled one piece immediately after upgrading it. Are you sure you did it properly? You were not previously able to but it was changed; I didn't believe it either when somebody told me in Timeless Gen a week or so ago, which is why I tried it out on those pieces. I'm not trying to troll anybody.

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    I call it the Mindless Isle. It kept me busy for 18 hours (1 hours day) and if you were raiding a lot of normals or heroics in ToT you didn't need the gear either. Since we will be stuck with the Mindless Isle for probably 6 months its a complete fail for end game beyond gearing up easily.

    Mindless Isle is also an example of what content will be like in WoD at end game. Lots of mario bros pilon jumps, rope mini games with a pay out of 20 mindless coins, lots of 'rares' (that spawn every 30 mins) to run to and from and a bare minimum of 2 weekly and 1 daily quest. People complained about the daily rep grinds and now we get the happy happy joy joy of a future made of the Mindless Isle content.

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
    While I think you have been a litlle extreme on your opinion about the Timeless Isle, I agree it is somewhat lackluster, and a bit disapointing.

    I had a lot more fun exploring the Thunder Isle, while doing the so-dreaded dailies, than exploring the Timeless Isle. And mind you, I did complete all achievements in both (apart from the "Need a Bigger bag"... ugh). The Thunder Isle exploration, rares, dailies and achievements are all so much better and much more fun.

    Let alone the fact the Timeless Isle is useless if you are already geared and don't care about puzzle-achievements. You don't even get Valor in there.

    I hope Blizzard sticks more to the Thunder Isle and 5.1 design than the Timeless Isle in WoD... Otherwise, we risk an entire expansion of lackluster content.

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    I been doing mostly PVP this patch and moving back into some pve now. So from what i heard is that its a great place to farm gear for alts but what of a raider? Taking a quick look at the vendors it seems there wont be much use to farm coins or anything with the first useful item for non alt seems to be 50K coins. Now i don't know if these are worth farming for. I heard that going around looking for the chests is good but i only get like 50-200 at most per chest.

    Not to mention there are probably others hunting them at the same time so they are probably rarely there even. Also what of this shaohao rep? Is it something worth repping for?
    The general purpose is to cater to casuals.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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